My Fauxchella

I love music! I think almost everyone does because I’ve only met a few people in my lifetime who don’t really like music. 

I think the thing about music is that there is something for everyone, for every mood and for everywhere. 

When the people over at TickPick asked me to share my dream music festival lineup or my Fauxchella lineup (fake Coachella), I couldn’t resist.

Side bar: Coachella is one of the most famous music festivals in America (for anyone who doesn’t know).

If I could have my perfect dream music concert, who would perform? 

  • Beyoncé: There would be no concert for me if my mum did not perform! (Yes, she’s my mum; don’t hate #BeyHive 🐝) I would probably take videos and scream and sing all through the concert! I’m obsessed with the Queen. Her music is amazing and she is even more amazing. And yes, she would be the headline act at my dream concert.

The remaining artistes are listed in no particular order.

  • Wizkid: Since the days of ‘Holla At Your Boy”, I knew Wizkid would be a star but I did not anticipate him becoming a doro mega super star. Wizkid knows how to make songs into hits and he has so many jams! I replayed his ‘Superstar’ album till it pretty much scratched. So if I had a dream concert, Wizkid would be the artist to make me dance the night away.
  • Ed Sheeran: Ed Sheeran has so many amazing songs and I most definitely would want him at my dream concert. My favourite Ed Sheeran song is “Give me love” so I may shed a tear or two when he starts singing it. I also love “Kiss me” and “I see fire” so much. 
  • Nicki Minaj: I love Nicki Minaj! If she could just come and perform only “Moment 4 life”, I would be okay (Love that song so much). Her “Pink Friday” album is my favorite and it had me feeling like a rapper when it dropped; I would try to rap along (abi chop mouth along).
  • Styl-Plus: If you didn’t listen to Styl-Plus back in the day then I don’t even know what you listened to oh! Where the hell did they go???!!! My dream concert would definitely include them singing “Olufunmi”, “Call my name”, “Run away” and “Imagine that”. Styl-Plus please come back!
  • Adele: Adele is one of my favourites. Her voice is so good and her music is timeless. I would probably sing along to every single song when she performs at my dream concert; she has too many great songs. There are artistes and then there’s Adele. She is just amazing. 
  • Mo’Hits Records: What’s a concert without throwback jams and dancing like a crazy person? Mo’Hits would definitely have me dancing all night long. Only D’banj and Wande Coal would do but I’m greedy so I want the whole crew please! Mo’Hits ran the Nigerian music scene back in the day, no one can deny. Many of us were sad when they broke up. They had way too many hits, individually, in duos and as a group, that I would love to hear at my dream concert. “Why me”, “Fall in love”, “Mo gbono feli feli”, “Ololufe”, “You bad”, “Kiss your hand”, “Bumper to bumper”, “Taboo”, “Over the moon”, “Something about you”, Pop something”, “Winchi winchi” etc. The list is endless! I’m already dancing!
  • Rihanna: Riri just has to be featured in my concert! Rihanna has too many jams plus she will dance and put on the biggest show! I want her, I need her at my concert. 
  • Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift just came and took the world by storm! If you don’t think Taylor Swift is awesome then I don’t know for you oh. Her music is great and she has shown that there is no stopping her. She has too too many songs that I would sing along to at my concert so I have to have her.

That’s it! My dream concert; my Fauxchella!

If you’re ever looking for concert tickets, sports tickets and more in London, America, Canada etc. , please check out TickPick.

I would love to hear who you’d like to have at your own dream concert! Please share!


Three Year Length Check

Hi guys,

So my hair turned 3 on the 18th of July! I honestly was planning on skipping the nappiversary/length check post but @kinkchic on Instagram left a comment on one of my posts talking about the nappiversary post so I just had to do it.

What were my goals from my two year nappiversary and how well did I do?

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Lemélange Styling

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people do creative things, seeing people create things and seeing people do things they are passionate about. Do you know why? It shows in the quality of work that they put out.

Lemélange Styling (LMG Styling) is an emerging styling brand with two creative heads behind it whose main aim is to promote African print in every possible way.

I love their work and I’m going to share with you guys 2 of their shoots so you can see why.

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What Nobody Told Me About Growing Up


When I was little/ younger, I had all these ideas and fantasies of what it would be like to be grown up.

I would be filthy rich (there’s still time for this; I won’t give up!), I would be married by the time I was 23, I would have an awesome job (At first I wanted to be a vet; I don’t know why because I do not like animals that much. Later, I wanted to be a voice over artist for cartoons. One time, I wanted to be on TV and/or radio; still do. Later on, I decided I’d rather work for myself) etc
Now that I’m older, even though I still think to myself that there’s still time to have all these amazing dreams leave my head and come into the world and become realities, I review some dreams and I know they will most probably remain dreams. As depressing as this sounds, it’s the truth and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Here are some crucial things nobody told me about growing up which I learnt by myself on my journey to where I am now: Continue reading

Product Review: Olori Damage Be Gone (Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment)

Hi guys,

Today, I bring you a product review.
I’d been seeing this product online and once saw it at NITC but didn’t buy it because it was pricey.
In October last year, my sister spotted Olori’s stand when we were at the Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference. We headed there are purchased the medium sized tub which usually costs 4000 NGN. However, we were able to get a discount so we got it at 3600 NGN and they threw in a little sample tub for free.

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Instapicks Backlogs #2

Hey beautiful people,

Did your week go well? Mine was just so-so.

I hope you’ve entered for the giveaway that Nafisah and Oge of Coily Head of Hair and I are having.

It’s my birthday tomorrow by the way! I will probably have a post up tomorrow but in the event that I don’t, I just thought to let you know. I will be a quarter of a century old and I sure do feel old!😦

You know how you have so many things you wish you would have achieved by a certain age and then that age comes around and you’ve basically achieved nada on your list of goals? You don’t? *cough* Me neither! *nose grows Pinocchio style*

Anyways, here’s the rest of my Instapicks Backlogs and they are sort of a lot.


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Instapicks Backlogs #1

Hi guys,

Instapicks of the Week is back *confetti*

I will be starting with some of my picks from the time I was away before we go back to normal.

They should be done in about 2 or 3 posts and will be called Instapicks Backlogs.

For Instapicks Backlogs, I will be using my old posting method where you can’t see the handles and captions not the method I used in this post. Sorry😦


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Write it down 

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been MIA; I’m sorry.

I’ve just had a lot on my mind and slowly but inevitably, blogging sank to the bottom of my priority list. I’m working hard to change this guys, I promise!

One thing that keeps me sane in my day to day life is mapping out everything I need to do.

Usually, I do this in my head.

This is almost always a big mistake.

I am someone who cannot even remember what she wore to work on Friday. My friends have often told me I have a selective memory; I like to think I’m simply plain ol’ forgetful.

So you see why mapping out plans and to-do lists in my head is a recipe for disaster?

I decided to start writing things down and storing things for later in better and more organized ways than just cramming them in my head.

Cue, note taking.

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