Lemélange Styling

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people do creative things, seeing people create things and seeing people do things they are passionate about. Do you know why? It shows in the quality of work that they put out.

Lemélange Styling (LMG Styling) is an emerging styling brand with two creative heads behind it whose main aim is to promote African print in every possible way.

I love their work and I’m going to share with you guys 2 of their shoots so you can see why.

Shoot 1:

Creative styling and directing by: Lemélange Styling for Radr Magazine’s June 2016 Freedom issue.

Photography: Fifoluwa Adebakin

Outfits: Iconola Brand

ModelsDesirée IyamaWhitney Madueke and Sola Fagbemi.

I love that the models are bloggers!

Shoot 2:

Creative styling and directing by: Lemélange Styling

Photography: Paul Ukonu

Apart from being an awesome creative directing and styling brand, they also offer personal shopping services.

You can see more of Lemélange Styling’s work on their Instagram page: @lemelangestyling

You can also contact them at lemelangestyling@gmail.com

What’s your favourite look from each shoot? I’d love to know!

Love, Jen.


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