Birthday Photo Shoot

It was my birthday yesterday!

No Red Velvet this year

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know because I posted a couple of pictures from a birthday photo shoot I had. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, what are you waiting for? I’m @thejenniferabah.
Now, here’s the backstory for the photo shoot. I’m in a Whatsapp group with a number of my colleagues turned friends where we have random chats about random things. So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine (thank you Yejide!) mentioned in the group chat that there was a giveaway on Instagram for a free birthday photo shoot for anyone born in February. All you had to do was follow the studio on Instagram and leave a comment with your birthday. I did it just for fun and I won!

I did not think I would win guys! I’m not good at getting my pictures taken and I’m very awkward with posing and I can be quite uncomfortable with being the center of attention so when I found out I won I was like “Ewo! Who sent me!”.

Anyways, I’m really glad I won because the pictures are so good!

If you’ve seen a couple on Instagram, here’s more!

I love how I look like the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company in some of these pictures. (One day!)

Big shoutout to my sister for my makeup. She’s @preshy_n on Instagram.

And big shoutout to the people at the studio for being encouraging and nice and for the dope pictures. They are @bojstudios on Instagram.

Also, thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and the love! I’m super duper grateful!

I’ve been feeling some type of way about turning older but I’ll save that rant for another time.

Which picture is your fave? My faves are 2, 7, 8, 12, 14 and 16.



29 thoughts on “Birthday Photo Shoot

  1. Wowww! U go girl! Ur lukin 😍In d pictures n yeah I totally agree ur lukin lyk a bo$$, CEO, miss independent ladyyyyy!!!! Kisses n a happy bday again.
    Oh n I can’t seem to pick a fav picture. I am jst to greedy, lurrr dem all! 😁👍🏻

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  2. Happy belated birthday Jen! Pic 3 (from the bottom) should be cover photo for maybe a health and wellness/beauty magazine and pic 6 (from bottom) should be cover photo for Time magazine titled “African Business Woman of the Year!”

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