Where I Went: Omu Resort

Hi guys!
If you follow me on Instagram (and you should! I’m @thejenniferabah) you would know that my friends and I went to Omu Resort some time ago.

This post is long long long overdue and I’ve just been too lazy to write it. But today, I gat you boo! I’m sharing the scoop with you.
Warning: This post is picture heavy!

So first things first we got our tickets on Dealdey. They had a promo and tickets were going for about 2,500 Naira. Of course we hopped on it!

Fast forward to the actual day, we knew we had to leave early because we heard the place was really far so my friends and I met up at Ikeja City Mall and had brunch while planning how to get there.

We had initially wanted to hire a cab we’d used severally for far outings but the cab we wanted to hire was unavailable that day.

So we decided to check Uber and Taxify and it turns out the fare estimate was like 10,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira if I remember correctly. Say what now?!

We tried a regular cab and the driver also mentioned a ridiculous price.

We decided to just take a good ol’ bus to as close as we could get to the place and then a cab to the actual location. (Who else does this? You smart! *In DJ Khaled’s voice*)

From Ikeja City Mall, we took a bus to Obalende and then another bus to Ajah. Took these pictures on our way:

From Ajah, we took Taxify to the resort. The Taxify fare estimate from Ajah was about 1800-3000 Naira which we thought was fair enough.

The resort is in Bogije which is in between Lakowe and Epe I believe. (First heard about Lakowe in Jenifa’s Diary so when we passed it, I was like “ahhhh! This place is really far”. Shout out to you if you watch Jenifa’s Diary and you know what I’m talking about!)

This resort is far abeg! I joked about it to people that I went to Cameroon! When I got home, I was telling people I just got back from outside the country.

I think if you live on the island, it may not seem so far for you. But because we were coming from the mainland, it was really far.

When we got to the resort, the Taxify driver said that it would be really difficult for us to find a cab going back (which is true). He said he lived close by so he could hang around and then take us back when we were done. He mentioned that he would pause the ride and then resume it when we were ready to go back. He was going to wait for us for about an hour and a half or two hours so we thought this was a pretty good idea because we didn’t think that we would be able to request another Taxify or Uber at that location because it was far.

I’ll pause the story about transportation here and I’ll let you know the rest of the transportation story after our resort experience and pictures so don’t go just yet.

Anyways, we check in at the front desk and enter the resort.

We took a quick look around and we see one of the rides is already almost full and people on the ride are beckoning to us to come and join them. Without wasting any time, we quickly hopped on the ride because it looked fun. It turned out to also be kind of scary but fun nonetheless.

At the end of the ride, there was this lady that was just making me laugh because she couldn’t get up after the ride was over. She just sat in her seat with her eyes shut so tight. She looked like she was about to pass out. I felt bad for laughing but it was so funny!

We also tried archery and I realized that I can never ever be a soldier in Cersei’s army because I would die in my first battle. (Shoutout to you if you watch Game of Thrones! I see you Khal/Khaleesi). I was so bad at it!

Peep my arrow on the floor

The thing about the resort is that most of the rides can’t run if they don’t have enough people on them so what most people were doing was to wait until more people would come to a particular ride so they could ride together. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many people at the resort that day. This is why the people on the first ride were calling us as we entered the resort; they needed more people so the ride could run. We basically had to look out for rides where most people were heading to and quickly follow them so the ride would have enough people to run.

The ambience of the resort is not bad at all and it’s a great place to take pictures.

Of course, the resort could do with some improvements but so far, it’s not so bad.

We mostly went on rides and then we went to the zoo. I took loads of pictures at the zoo.

There’s a shop for food and drinks so we had some drinks and chips and chicken at a reasonable price.

There’s also Go Karting and kayaking but we didn’t do either of these because we weren’t sure if our Dealdey tickets covered them.

All in all, it was a really good outing and we enjoyed ourselves!

Picture time:

My lovely partners in crime for the day: Yejide, Yemisi and Opeyemi

So back to the rest of the transportation story. We were in the resort for about two hours. We get back in our Taxify and we realize that the price may be higher than our budget if he takes us to the mainland so we ask him to drop us off at CMS so we can take a bus for the rest of the journey back to the mainland.

He drops us off at CMS and ends the trip. People of God, the trip is about 10,000 Naira! What a wow!

And this guy still has the boldness to ask for a tip. I’m just there like, “Don’t worry sir, your tip is in heaven. You no dey pity person?“.

This guy was actually pissed that we didn’t give him a tip. Nigerians and our sense of entitlement.

My friend later heard from another Taxify driver that trips cannot be paused so basically, this guy had left the trip running through out the time he was waiting for us which is why the fare was so high. And he had the effrontery to ask for a tip and be upset when he didn’t get one?! Nah bruh!

Final verdict:

Would I recommend Omu Resort to you? Yes, definitely!

Be sure to go with lots of friends so you can fill up rides and have lots of fun. Also, prepare for the long trip especially if you’re coming from the mainland.

Also, take your sunglasses and wear light clothes because it will probably be sunny and hot.

Will you be visiting Omu Resort? Or have you been to Omu Resort already? What fun places would you recommend I visit? Please share! 




18 thoughts on “Where I Went: Omu Resort

  1. Hey Khaleesi… 😂

    Lovely lovely post.
    Resort noted for when I visit Lagos.
    I recognized Lakowe!! Hahahaha and I only started watching Jenifa’s diary two months ago.
    Your pics are so beautiful. Really love the ones of the church.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sly slyer slyest 😢 I’m here for the pictures fam! Nice nice. So, what’s the gate fee on a good day? For those of us that missed out on the deal? Is there a food court? I can’t travel all the way to Cameroon to starve 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehehe, Jenniferrrrrr u made me laff whyl reading. Nice write up as usual. Really will like to go there too but am thinking it wld b more fun with one person driving, dat way we cld all b blasting n jamming to kill d time spent on d long trip, right?
    Will def make plans to go, mayb I ll drag u for a second time arnd, wink 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looking good! My sister went there 2 weeks ago, the small fish didn’t even take pictures. thanks for the pictures. One of these days, i’ll make my way there


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