On being MIA.

Hi guys!!!

It’s been so long! 

I know I’m always away these days, forgive me! 

It’s just that I’ve not been feeling like blogging at all which is so sad.

Sometimes, I have nothing to post about. Other times, I have stuff to post about but I never get to putting my thoughts in actual words. Most times, I’m just too tired or busy or lazy. 

I’ve not even been reading and commenting on other people’s blogs; many of you who blog know that I read and often like and comment on your posts but I’ve been MIA on your blogs for the longest time. 

Life just has a way of messing with you. 

Somehow, I keep getting busier everyday and too tired to be social; or maybe it’s all in my head and I’m just lazy and unmotivated.

I’ve taken out some time to think and though I haven’t found a strategy on how to post more, I’m going to put more effort and see how it goes from there; hopefully, I get my groove back.

I’m super grateful for everyone who’s sent me a mail or a message on Instagram or somewhere else or asked me in person why I’ve been missing on the blog. 

I hope that you guys will keep pushing and nudging me till I find my way back to being more consistent and more social.

Let’s slay the last month of 2016, shall we? I love you guys!



Tip: Putting links in comments.

Hi guys,

I want to share with you guys a super easy tip that will be quite helpful if you need to put links in the comment section of a blog. 

You know when you see comments on blogs with links like this- Nigerian and Natural and you wonder how the heck the person did it because you’re stuck leaving your own comments with links like this-www.nigerianandnatural.com or http://nigerianandnatural.com

Well, I’m here to show you how! 

Here’s the basic format:

<a href=”http://nigerianandnatural.com“>Nigerian and Natural</a>

Just copy and paste in the comment you want to post. This will appear as “Nigerian and Natural” when you post the comment and when people click on it, it links back to this blog. 

Before posting comment


After posting comment


Of course you don’t want to go around posting “Nigerian and Natural” on people’s blogs.
If you were to change that format to something else, here’s what to do.

<a href=”http://nigerianandnatural.com“>Nigerian and Natural</a>

You can only change two parts in this format; the link and the name. (By link, I mean http://nigerianandnatural.com and by name I mean Nigerian and Natural).

Change the part with the link to the link of your choice and then change the part where I wrote Nigerian and Natural to what you want it to appear as. 

 e.g  <a href=”https://jennyphar.wordpress.com“>Jennifer’s Writings</a> would appear as Jennifer’s Writings and would link to my other blog when clicked on. 

Before posting comment

After posting comment

You can play around with this and change it as you please. 
If you want to link to a specific post on a/your website, change the link in the code i.e http://nigerianandnatural.com to the link of the post. Then you can change the Nigerian and Natural to the name of the post if you like. 

 For example:
<a href=”https://jennyphar.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/cant-think-of-a-title/“>Can’t Think of a Title</a> 

This is a link to a post called “Can’t Think of a Title” on my other blog and if you copy and paste it in a comment, after you post it, it will appear as “Can’t Think of a Title”.

Before posting comment

After posting comment

You can make it appear as whatever you want so play around with it. 
E.g I can write “Read my latest post here” in someone’s comment section and for the “here” to link to my latest post, I would write this- 
Read my latest post <a href=”http://nigerianandnatural.com/2015/06/23/nitc-11/“>here</a>

Before posting comment


After posting comment


I can choose to write “I have a post about NITC 11 on my blog too” and for the “NITC 11” to link to my post, here’s what I would write- 
I have a post about <a href=”http://nigerianandnatural.com/2015/06/23/nitc-11/“>NITC 11</a> on my blog too.

Before posting comment


After posting comment


Points to note:

  • Whenever you are changing the link in the code to something else, it should always be in http:// or https:// …www is a no no! 
  • It is only after you post the comment that it appears as what you want so don’t worry if it is still showing as a code before you post.
  • Never change any other thing besides the name and the link in the code if not it won’t work.
  • Once you have your basic format, you can save it in your notes for easy access so you can copy and paste it when need be. That’s what I do.
  • It works for both Blogger and WordPress as long as the comments are HTML enabled (almost all are).

There you have it! I hope I have succeeded in explaining properly and that I have not confused you.

Feel free to test it out in the comment section below to know you got it before unleashing your new found knowledge on the world! 

Pounds and inches

Bonjour mes amis,

How have you been finding the first few days of 2015?

My year started off with a cold. And as someone who likes to sleep in their underwear(TMI or nah?) with the AC on the coldest, my cold is not getting any better.

I spoke to customers(My new job is in customer service) all day yesterday in the most irritating, nasal-congested voice.

Anyways people, while thinking about 2014 blog wise, I realized that I wasn’t the most consistent blogger at all! I had only 24 posts in the whole of 2014! That means 2 a month basically. I don’t think those are good stats. I’m thinking 4 a month i.e 1 a week should be the worst case scenario for a blogger. Scream not when I tell you that my other blog only had 1 post in the whole year! So this year, my aim is to be a bit more consistent with blogging.

I have thought about it and seeing as I might not have hair related stuff to talk about every so often, I might be dabbling in and posting other random stuff and tidbits of my thoughts and life on the blog. What do you guys think?

For today’s random dabble, let’s rein ourselves back in to the title of the post.

I need to lose some pounds and inches in 2015!

At the risk of giving you guys the story of my life, I used to be quite skinny and then I was quite fat and then I lost weight and now I don’t know what I am.


In 2015 I need to get that crop top body for real! Know what I mean? Who’s with me!

I need to cut out the junk food, eat healthy, watch my portions, not drink my calories, throw in some exercise(this is the hardest for me), think positively and just basically do it!

The reason why I’m blogging about it is so that I can be held accountable. By the end of 2015, I can look back on these words and see if I met or failed my goal.

-Do you want to lose some weight in 2015 as well?
-Any weight loss tips to give?
-What do you want to be held accountable for this year?
-Anything you’d like me to post more about in 2015?
-Anything you’d like me to start posting about in 2015?
Please share!

Whatever your goal might be this year, don’t forget to put it in words, make a plan and work towards it.