1 year anniversary!!!

Hip hip hip!!! Hurray!!!!

One year ago today I walked into that barbershop wanting a fade and came out with hair so short it almost didn’t need to be combed!

In actual fact, the anniversary of my big chop was on the 14th of June but I decided to go with my second big chop(July 18th) because with that cut, I started from scratch so basing it on that date shows a truer picture of a year’s growth.
*Phew* That was a mouthful! I hope you understand what I mean though.
Either ways(June or July), I still have one year under my belt!

So here’s a mini timeline of pictures showing my progress over the year!

My first big chop(June 2013)


My second cut, July 2013







Last week


Today’s simple look(ignore the giant pimple)


Over this first year, I experimented with products, Ayurveda, dyed my hair etc.
Let’s see how the next year goes but from the look of things, I foresee that it will be a lazy year(you never know though).

Taking a page out of AB’s book, I will be setting anniversary goals; these are changes I would like to see/make by my next anniversary.

Here are my goals for the year ahead:

1. Kick dandruff’s ass.
2. Beat hand-in-hair syndrome.
3. More length and thickness at my edges and nape.
4. Growth/Length retention.

I think that’s not too much to ask for!

So cheers to my hair at one year *glasses clink*

Expect a post about my new favorite simple go-to style + a one year length check soon.



17 thoughts on “1 year anniversary!!!

  1. Hi, I actually stumbled on ur blog but then I found out u went to FA right, u were in yellow house, any way I’m transitioning know I don’t have the heart for a big chop but I cut my her last year into a kind of Bob so the back and sides are considerably shorter than the rest of my hair do u think this will be a problem because I would still chop of all the relaxed ends later and I would like to know some of the products you recommend for a young girl on a budget. And also pls I would like to know how you slimmed down I really have to lose weight as well, God bless you


    • Hey!
      Yes I went to FA and I was in Yellow house!
      I don’t’ think your haircut will be a problem.
      As far as products go, I pretty much use really cheap things at the moment so I’ll recommend them to u: Dudu osun as a shampoo(I melted it and mixed in some olive oil. However I’ve only used it once but with good results. Will do a review when I’ve used it more. It costs about N150), Vo5 conditioner(serves as my conditioner, deep conditioner-alone or mixed with other things and also as my leave in conditioner sometimes. Costs about N450), Goya Olive Oil (Very easy to find. Medium sized bottle is about N500). When it comes to leave in conditioner, this is where I spend more money but when I’m trying to be cheap, I use vo5 as a leave in and call it a day. As regards weight loss, I went on a low carb diet, ate more fruits, proteins and veggies, added a bit of exercise and cut out junk food and sugar. Pls email me if u need more info. nigerianandnatural@gmail.com


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