1 year Length check

Hi guys,
As promised, this is a length check of my hair at 1 year. Yes I know it’s kinda late but better late than never right? Right!




My hair is between 5-6 inches (some parts are 5″, some are 5.5″ and some are 6″). I think this is pretty okay for one year.

I believe I am past the TWA stage! Yippee! I am now in the awkward stage: that annoying phase where your hair isn’t so short but isn’t long either.

I’ve found a few staple styles that my hair can do at this stage and I’ll share them with you incase you’d like to try them.


This is a very simple style that is basically 2 big flat twists. This style lasts me a whole week so it’s a good low maintenance protective style for me. I’ve tried different variants of this style.You can do cornrows instead of flat twists if you like.


I’m not a big fan of the way my hair looks in twists left down but I like twists packed/pinned back. This is another low maintenance style that can last.


I call this one “my hair must pack”. It’s a good way to give the illusion of a ponytail/packed hair when your hair isn’t quite there yet. You basically flat twist the front towards the middle and secure with bobby pins then gather everything into a ponytail. I rock this style very often. You can also keep this for a few days.

I’ve also been rocking loads of afros, not the combed out kind though. They’re mostly twist outs that I separate and fluff into fros.


Of course you know I’m still into my puffs. Now I try to make them looser.


And guess whose hair could pack this morning? 😀


[Side bar: Is it just my eyes or are my edges looking a bit better?]

I’ve decided to enjoy every stage my hair goes through and I’m going to extend that to my life in general. I’ll focus of taking things one day at a time and seeing the good in every stage I’m in. Life’s too short!

I’m currently trying Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream, Dudu Osun(as a shampoo) and Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer. Reviews will be up when I’ve used them more but for now I’m loving them.

What stage is your hair in? How are you coping with it at this stage? What products are you currently trying?

Have a beautiful weekend!


9 thoughts on “1 year Length check

  1. Hiya! U have lovely hair. I’m new on my HHJ. Currently transitioning but thinking of just doing the BIG CHOP and you’re a major motivation for me to take the plunge. Love your style of blogging too. Simple, relatable and totally enjoyable *big grin*
    Quick q: I find that my new growth doesn’t seem as shiny as my relaxed hair. Like when I apply an overnight prepoo for example. The relaxed hair is all glossy but the natural part looks like it ‘drank’ all the goodness and is like ‘So what’s next?’. Is this normal? Is this a bad thing? What actually happens to all the ‘goodness’?
    I’d really appreciate your ‘two cents’ Thank u!


    • Aww! Thank you so much; your comment made me smile! I think it’s perfectly normal for your relaxed hair to be glossier. Natural hair, especially the Nigerian kind or the 4 kind(4a, 4b, 4c), doesn’t really shine. Eventhough there’s no shine, all the goodness has been absorbed and your prepoo has done it’s job so don’t worry.


    • Hello Ada, since going natural I’ve used the following shampoos: Giovanni, Bobeam shampoo bar, African Naturalistas shampoo and Dudu Osun(melted and mixed with olive oil). My favourites out of the 4 are African Naturalistas and Dudu Osun. Whatever shampoo you choose, just try to make sure it’s sulphate-free. Hope this helps


      • Hello,
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