Letter to my unborn child(Ayomide)

Dear Ayomide,
My joy, my love, my everything. I miss you. I miss the way you used to kick me and wear me out and give me sleepless nights and aches and pains.

Ayomide, I prayed for you, ached for you, willed you to come and you heard me. You were finally here! Our joy, mine and your father’s. In my belly, kicking, tossing and turning.

I could see you in my head, saying your first words, taking your first steps, going off to preschool, graduating from college, getting married with daddy sobbing like a baby; my cute little girl with curly, soft hair like mine and perfectly set eyes like her father’s.

I could feel you. Feel you hugging me, feel your presence in all my happy moments,feel the pulsating, overwhelming love I had for you.

You were mine, finally. Until you dripped down my legs, a bloody mess for the third time.

Now white hospital walls is all I see. Pain and emptiness in my belly and my heart are all I feel.

Why is it that you don’t want to stay? Do you think I’ll be a bad mother? I promise you I won’t if you only give me a chance. Or it that God is punishing me? For what exactly? Is He just toying with my emotions, dangling you in front of me and then snatching you away when I reach out to touch you? Showing me that I’m nothing but His puppet? Or is it the devil that’s afflicting me and God’s just there watching, arms folded?

Ayomide, come back to me. Please. And stay this time. Stay.

Your mother.

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but I kept forgetting and then something somewhat similar happened to someone I know and I remembered. It’s pretty short and I don’t know if I was able to quite capture the emotion but I hope you enjoy.

Alhaji Gafar

Lying there, Alhaji Gafar could almost see his father’s stern face, hear his father’s deep voice telling him “Gafar, you have to grow up to be an upright man. Always do what is right no matter what it costs you. Be a good man. This is what Allah expects of us”. Alhaji Gafar had spent his childhood and teenage years trying to be good because it was what Allah expected him to be. As he grew older and wiser, he began to feel the joy of being good, the love for people and he realized that he shouldn’t be good thoughtlessly only because Allah expected it of him, he should be good because there was joy in being good, because it was good to be good and it felt good to be good. So Alhaji Gafar, armed with this epiphany, was the very definition of all that is good and upright.

When he was approached with the government job, he was reluctant because he knew that most people that held government jobs were deceitful,evil,greedy and had hands stained with the blood of many. But Alhaji Gafar told himself he would be different and he would try to bring positive change so he took the job. He didn’t care that many powerful men screamed death threats at him when he refused the cheques they pressed into his palm to change figures somewhere, put their names somewhere or remove someone they didn’t like from a job. He never embezzled money, never gave or received bribes, never used his position to oppress others.

And so lying here on the cold ground in a pool of blood, the knife of revenge sticking out of his belly, life seeping out of him and death breathing harshly on the back of his neck, he wondered if he should have been different but he knew he had led a life he,his father and Allah were proud of. He closed his eyes and let death take him by the hand and lead him away from this world where good was bad.

Hi guys. I know it’s very easy to be bad and extremely difficult to be good but let’s all try as much as we can to do the right thing(Isn’t it a little funny that I’m saying this after the good guy died. LOL). Happy Democracy day Nigeria! May God give us more and more good people in the government with each passing year.

June 3rd

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Ramblings of the Newt

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I check my watch for the umpteenth time. It’s 11:59 so I just watch the second hand make its way around the circle. 12:00! Finally! Like clockwork, my phone rings. No need to look at the screen for caller ID, I know it’s you; you always call first. “Hi baby” I coo into the phone. You proceed to sing me “happy birthday” with me smiling like a fool and wiping a couple of tear drops.
I always told you that you were an angel in human form; not only because of how special you are, but because of your voice that would put the birds, the American Idol contestants and a few angels, dare I say, to shame. Your singing ends and you say “Happy birthday baby! You are the light, the love and the joy of my life and I’m…

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Mothers’ day

Happy new year!!!!! Yeah I know it’s March but this is the first post of the year so happy new year to you! LOL…

It’s mothers’ day!


I’d like to use this medium to declare my undying love for my mother. We may not be very close and we may annoy eachother a lot but I love her to bits. Happy mothers’ day mummy! God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask for or imagine! I love you!

 Happy mothers’ day to all the lovely mothers around the world and all those filling in as mothers. God bless you!

This post is very short. I hope you like it. Please read the dates carefully so you don’t get confused. This post is dedicated to Dorothy and Dupe, the lovely people who told me they had been waiting for a new post; enjoy!


March 18th 2012

Dear diary, display Pictures changing on BlackBerry Messenger, avatars changing on Twitter, “I love you mummy” written on every Facebook status. It’s mothers’ day and I feel sick. My phone vibrates and I look down at it. It’s my sister, Ruke. “PING!!! Ahn ahn Rumie why didn’t you use mum’s pic as your DP na? Or you don’t have any nice one? Chill let me send you one.” In two seconds, a picture of her pops up on my screen. I almost throw my phone at the wall. Looking at her makes me even sicker. It doesn’t help that she looks exactly like me. I hate my mother…

June 10th 2011

Dear diary, today is mummy’s birthday! Yay! I made her the most beautiful card. It reads: “you’re the best mum in the whole wide world. I looooooove you mummy,love Rumie. Xoxo”. I hope she likes it

August 30th 2011

Dear diary, today is daddy’s funeral. My heart is in pieces. I’m sorry your pages are so wet, I can’t stop the tears. I don’t know if I should tell Ruke that I saw mummy putting something in daddy’s dinner after I overheard him shouting at her for sleeping with uncle Eugene.

October 2nd 2011

Dear diary, more wet pages. I’m sorry. I should never have told mummy I saw her poison daddy’s food. Uncle Tare beat me again today because I fought him off last night when he got into my bed. Mummy knew he was a monster that’s why she sent me to live with him. Ruke called today to ask how school was going. I can’t believe mummy told her I was in school

January 15th 2012

Dear diary, I finally did it! I finally ran away. I don’t know where to go or what to do. I’m just glad I’m free

Feb 28th 2012

Dear diary, it’s my birthday and I miss daddy. I miss daddy so much it hurts. The customer I had today looked so much like him. I had to make a conscious effort not to call him “daddy” when he was on top of me.

March 18th 2012

Dear diary, I hate my life. My only consolation is that it will soon be over. The drugs are starting to kick in. All the pretty drugs I took to take this pain away forever. As I drift into permanent sleep, only one thing is on my mind. I hate my mother

Behind her smile

Everyone who had ever met Dolapo would tell you the same thing about her: She loved to smile.That was what defined her,her signature. And she had the most beautiful smile. When she smiled, everything seemed better. She loved to smile and there was only one thing she loved more in the world, Dotun.
Dolapo and Dotun had been friends for as long as they could remember. Their parents were friends, they were neighbours all their lives, they went to the same schools, they did everything together. They had been inseperable since childhood. Their mothers liked to tease them by saying they were friends since conception because Dotun was born barely a week before Dolapo. As a matter of fact, in order for their parents to save money, they had celebrated many birthdays together. They were closer than bestfriends, closer than siblings, closer than twins. She knew every little detail about him. She knew even things his parents didn’t know. Her love for him was fiery, incomprehensible, undying. Over the years their friendship had blossomed despite the odds. Against everyone’s assumptions and expectations they remained friends. No two humans had been closer, could be closer. They were like one soul living in two bodies.
They went on vacation together once every year. Despite their busy schedules, they always met for lunch three times a week and had dinner together at either one’s house on sundays. It was their custom. They spoke on the phone, they texted, they pinged, the skyped every single day.
He had had a good number of girlfriends over the years. Each time he would talk about them or introduce them to her, she would just smile. They never lasted . Each time he called her after being dumped, she would smile. Each time he told her of his plan to dump his current babe,she would smile. She never had any boyfriends. He tried to talk to her,to hook her up with his friends but she would just smile and say they were a waste of her time.
On this wednesday afternoon, they met for their usual lunch. She got there before him and waited for 15 minutes before he showed up.
‘Dotun you are always late! Would it kill you to be early?!’
‘Oh please Deedee I didn’t waste that much time. Besides,I was doing something really important’
He was the only one who called her Deedee.
‘What in God’s name could have been so important now ehn?!’
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black box. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She had seen it in movies so she knew exactly what it was.
‘Oh my God! Dotun what is this?!’ She gasped
‘It’s an engagement ring…I’m going to ask Amina to marry me tonight’
She smiled.
‘Let me practise with you’ he said as he got down on one knee in front of her and said ‘will you marry me?’
She just smiled
‘I’m sure she’ll be happy. You guys are great together’
‘Thanks Deedee’ he said as he gave her a quick hug.
She smiled.
‘Do you Amina Lucy Mohammed take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband,to have and to hold for better for worse,for richer for poorer,in sickness and in health till death do you part?’
‘I do’
Everyone claps.
Dolapo smiles.
It’s Dotun’s turn. Dolapo is right behind him as his ‘best man’.
‘Do you Adedotun John Lawuyi take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife,to have and to hold for better for worse,for richer for poorer,in sickness and in health till death do you part?’
‘I do’
Dolapo is smiling so hard that her face is red.
‘Is there anyone here who feels that these two should not be joined?’
The silence is deafening.
All of a sudden, Dolapo steps foward and pulls out a gun from the pocket of her dress. People are gasping and screaming.
‘Dotun,all these years I stood beside you. I was there for you. I loved you but you didn’t love me back’ she says inbetween tears as she points the gun at Dotun.
‘No Deedee don’t. I love you very much’
‘You love me but you are marrying some random bimbo? Where the hell was this stupid bitch when you broke your leg in primary school? Where was she when you lost your first job? Where was she when you started your company? Where was she when your father died? I was there!’
‘I love you Deedee,please don’t do anything foolish’
‘You are the one who is doing something foolish. You love me but not enough to marry me’
She smiles through the tears and steps back.
There are three ear piercing bangs and after all the commotion and screaming die down, the ambulance leaves with three dead people: Amina, Dotun and Dolapo.