Mothers’ day

Happy new year!!!!! Yeah I know it’s March but this is the first post of the year so happy new year to you! LOL…

It’s mothers’ day!


I’d like to use this medium to declare my undying love for my mother. We may not be very close and we may annoy eachother a lot but I love her to bits. Happy mothers’ day mummy! God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask for or imagine! I love you!

 Happy mothers’ day to all the lovely mothers around the world and all those filling in as mothers. God bless you!

This post is very short. I hope you like it. Please read the dates carefully so you don’t get confused. This post is dedicated to Dorothy and Dupe, the lovely people who told me they had been waiting for a new post; enjoy!


March 18th 2012

Dear diary, display Pictures changing on BlackBerry Messenger, avatars changing on Twitter, “I love you mummy” written on every Facebook status. It’s mothers’ day and I feel sick. My phone vibrates and I look down at it. It’s my sister, Ruke. “PING!!! Ahn ahn Rumie why didn’t you use mum’s pic as your DP na? Or you don’t have any nice one? Chill let me send you one.” In two seconds, a picture of her pops up on my screen. I almost throw my phone at the wall. Looking at her makes me even sicker. It doesn’t help that she looks exactly like me. I hate my mother…

June 10th 2011

Dear diary, today is mummy’s birthday! Yay! I made her the most beautiful card. It reads: “you’re the best mum in the whole wide world. I looooooove you mummy,love Rumie. Xoxo”. I hope she likes it

August 30th 2011

Dear diary, today is daddy’s funeral. My heart is in pieces. I’m sorry your pages are so wet, I can’t stop the tears. I don’t know if I should tell Ruke that I saw mummy putting something in daddy’s dinner after I overheard him shouting at her for sleeping with uncle Eugene.

October 2nd 2011

Dear diary, more wet pages. I’m sorry. I should never have told mummy I saw her poison daddy’s food. Uncle Tare beat me again today because I fought him off last night when he got into my bed. Mummy knew he was a monster that’s why she sent me to live with him. Ruke called today to ask how school was going. I can’t believe mummy told her I was in school

January 15th 2012

Dear diary, I finally did it! I finally ran away. I don’t know where to go or what to do. I’m just glad I’m free

Feb 28th 2012

Dear diary, it’s my birthday and I miss daddy. I miss daddy so much it hurts. The customer I had today looked so much like him. I had to make a conscious effort not to call him “daddy” when he was on top of me.

March 18th 2012

Dear diary, I hate my life. My only consolation is that it will soon be over. The drugs are starting to kick in. All the pretty drugs I took to take this pain away forever. As I drift into permanent sleep, only one thing is on my mind. I hate my mother


12 thoughts on “Mothers’ day

  1. Hey. I really enjoyed this. My first time here, would follow yours soon as I get to my laptop.
    I think you meant *petty in the last diary entry or no? It seemed to make more sense.
    Nice work anyway! 🙂


    • I meant “pretty” actually. “Pretty” cos she took a cocktail of several colourful drugs and also cos they were her ticket out of pain so they were pretty to her. Thank you for reading! 🙂


  2. Nice one jennifer…….thanks 4 dedicating d post 2 me. Mehn d girl has every right 2 hate her mother but suicide……hell no


  3. I love this story so much. Mostly because it was totally unexpected. one would expect the story to be about a loving and wonderful mother. And I love the concept. kudos. You are an awesome writer.


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