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Hello lovelies,

I was tagged to do this post by Toyin of ‘Life With Cassandra’ who is on a blog-break right now. Thanks girl!

This tag was originally created by Bookish and Awesome. (Is it grammatically correct to say ‘originally created’?)

This post is basically about those feel-good things that make me more happy than not.

Of course, I can’t possibly list EVERYTHING that makes me happy but I’ll list a few:

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What’s in my bag

My people! 

I know, I know; I’ve been gone for exactly a month. I am so so so sorry for the long, unannounced and unplanned break. Forgive me pretty please *puppy dog eyes*

I hope you missed me oh because I missed you guys. And shoutout to sweet Debbie who sent me an email asking if I was okay and why I hadn’t blogged in a while. 

I have a couple of posts planned so hopefully I can make it up to you guys.


So, I was tagged by Alex of Nappy Haired and Oyime of Oyime’s Musings to do this post and after an eternity, I am finally doing it.

I decided to remove all my work junk and leave the things you will find in my bag almost all the time.


1. Sunglasses: To avoid unnecessary headaches, squinting, eye contact, small talk etc. Also to look like a cool kid and so people don’t catch you staring. I bought these at Mr Price, Accra.

2. Phones:  D’uh! What is life without one. (The other one isn’t in the picture)

3. Hand Sanitizer: Let me shamefully admit that I’ve had ‘OCD’ habits long before Ebola started being shared like party rice so I always had this. These days, I’ve sort of overcome it so this bottle is empty but I carry it around and squeeze out whatever I can in emergencies.

4. Wallet: A gift bought from South Africa by a friend.

5. Power Bank: For emergencies.You don’t want to be stuck somewhere boring/unfamiliar with a dead battery. How will you pretend you’re occupied?

6. Watch: I put it on when I get to my destination and take it off before my commute home. I don’t want anyone attacking me because my watch looks expensive.

7. Lip balm: One is EOS in blueberry acai and the other is Lip Smacker in Fanta grape.

8. Lipstick: I carry whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day in my bag in case I need to touch up.

9. Earphones: Because I like to listen to music. Also helps me avoid small talk from all these guys that be like “hexcuse me sister, can I meet you?” (Although some will tap you despite the earphones. One actually tapped me and asked if he could share my music)

10. ID Card: Just in case you need to be identified or you go to the bank. Also I need it for work. 

11. Pad: For emergencies both for me and someone in need.

12: Charger: Emergencies again.

13: Bobby pins and hair band: In case I need to pin my hair or put it in a pony tail.

14. Powder and brush: For touch ups. And the powder mirror is also handy.

I usually have a pen too but I couldn’t find it until I was done taking the picture. You don’t want to be that annoying lady begging for a pen at the bank; or anywhere in fact.

So I’m tagging the following people to do this post (It’s so hard to choose because I feel like everyone has been tagged already):

1. Desola- Dee Mako

2. Bukky- The Life of Bey

3. Rachel- Beautifully Nappy

4. Chinwe- Igbo Curls

5. Ify- Ify’s Musings

6. Anyone who’s interested! Be sure to let me know so I can check it out.

What are the things that are constantly in your bag? Please share.

Tag: Being Me

Hi there,
So I was tagged by Cassie Daves on my other blog, Jennifer’s writings, to do this blog tag. I haven’t posted on that blog in soooo long and I figured, why not do the tag here for you lovely people. So here it goes.

Are you named after someone?
Yes. My mum had/has a good friend named Jennifer so she named me after her and made her my godmother.

When was the last time you cried?
I rewatched The Notebook a few days ago. I didn’t even know when the floodgates opened.

Do you have any children?
Not yet. But I will have the cutest ones soon! Watch this space. Just need to find me a man. A fine one so the cute baby dreams can materialise.

If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?
My first thought is to say “hell yeah!” cos you know, I’m the bomb.com! But on second thought, I can be quite annoying and weird so I’m not sure. Like, I don’t know if I’d have the patience to deal with my crap sometimes. *sends ‘Thank You’ message to all my friends* LOL. But as a whole I think I still make an awesome friend so yeah.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
But of course! If I could do without most of them I’d probably have hit my goal of size 10 eons ago! White chocolate, red velvet cake, french toast, cheese balls(don’t judge me!), strawberry daiquiri, Milo with plenty milk, Frappuccino, cheese cake, iced coffee etc etc etc(Had to stop before it turns into an epistle. By now you can tell that I love all things sweet and decadent). Oh and all my fave TV shows too.

Do you like handwriting?
After copying all those 31 page Government notes in secondary school? I’d rather type please. Plus my handwriting isn’t that pretty.

What’s your favourite cereal?
I love cereal. In the past I’ve been known to live on cereal. So it’s hard for me to pick a favourite but I’d say maybe cornflakes made with milo and milk or rice krispies/coco pops with loads of milk (I don’t eat cereal with sugar. Seems unnecessary). When I’m trying to eat healthy it’s whole grain cheerios, fruit ‘n’ fibre or weetaflakes.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Their faces, dressing and the way they speak. Lately, hair.

What’s the colour of your eyes?

Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings. I don’t watch scary movies except if forced to.

Favourite TV show?
Game of thrones, Grey’s anatomy, Scandal, Two broke girls, Modern family, Big brother Africa(Yes I’m one of the BBA watchers oh!), Glee, Orange is the new black, New girl, Community, Desperate housewives(now over), How I met your mother(now over), Gossip girl(now over), 90210(now over). I watch so many shows and I’m forever dropping and adding more.

Winter or summer?
It’s constantly summer in these parts and the heat can get overwhelming so I shall choose winter.

Hugs or kisses?
Hugs. The warm, cuddly, happy, hold-on-a-minute-too-long kind.

Special talent?
Yet to discover it/them. But I can sing(not special to me).

Where were you born?
Lagos, Nigeria.

Reading African literature, watching TV, eating(yes, it’s a hobby), reading blogs, listening to music.

Do you have any pets?
My family has had 2 rabbits(Bugs Bunny & Snow Ball) & 5 dogs(Rambo, Rocky, Cody, Michaella & Kiara). We presently have 1 dog(Kiara). When I have my own house I’d like to have 1 or 2 cute dogs and cats(my mother hates cats as they are all witches in her opinion so we can’t have any now)

Favourite movie?
I have a horrible memory so I tend to forget what movies are about. Titanic, The Colour Purple, The Notebook, P.S I Love You maybe?

What colour is your car?
My Range Rover is white and my Mercedes G wagen is matte black… Amen. For now, it is yellow & black danfo (No, I’m not the driver) but one day *sigh*

What do you want to do when you grow up?
JAMB question. In a perfect world, I’m a radio/TV presenter or I write for an awesome magazine as my job while I pursue other lifelong dreams by the side e.g photography, travelling round the world, being filthy rich. (God please this is a sub oh). For now though it’s the polar opposite but I’ll take it one day at a time and someday, my dreams will come true.

All of you reading this who are interested in sharing your answers! Be sure to tag me when you do so I can check it out.


P.s: Happy independence day Nigeria! We pray for peace, progress and constant power supply.