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Hello lovelies,

I was tagged to do this post by Toyin of ‘Life With Cassandra’ who is on a blog-break right now. Thanks girl!

This tag was originally created by Bookish and Awesome. (Is it grammatically correct to say ‘originally created’?)

This post is basically about those feel-good things that make me more happy than not.

Of course, I can’t possibly list EVERYTHING that makes me happy but I’ll list a few:

  • When I finally satisfy a (junk) food craving, I’m more happy than not.
  • When the shuffle on my music player gets it right and plays music I actually want to listen to, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I’m watching a TV show that I love or a really good movie, especially tucked under my duvet with the AC turned on and the lights turned off, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I play card games with my siblings, even though they like to cheat and it’s usually because we have no power supply that we resort to playing cards, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I’ve been gone for long and I get home and my baby brothers jump on me and give me a big hug, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I find a new piece of the internet that I didn’t know before e.g an interesting blog, a dope Instagram page, I’m more happy than not.
  • When my hair looks good and feels good and when I get compliments on my hair, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I learn something new that I didn’t know before (I’m the queen of Googling), I’m more happy than not.
  • When I’m able to help someone do/solve something that was giving them a hard time (especially when they are genuinely thankful), I’m more happy than not.
  • When I get likes or comments on a new post on my blog + when I read lovely positive comments, even though you don’t see my face when I read them, best believe I’m grinning ‘cos I’m more happy than not.
  • When I get something I really really want especially if I set my mind to achieve it or I saved up to buy it, that feeling of fulfillment is me being more happy than not.
  • When I finally finish a good book (finally being the operative word because even though I like to read, I’m not a fast reader + I’m a distracted reader and I’ve been known to sometimes read a book for like 2 months), I’m more happy than not.
  • When I take a picture and it turns out the way I saw it with my eyes or envisioned it in my head, I’m more happy than not.
  • When I have absolutely nothing to do all day: no work, no commitments, just time to laze about without showering all day, watch TV and be engrossed with my phone, I’m more happy than not.

Please share those things that make you more happy than not; I would love to hear them. You can do a whole post about it or simply tell me in the comment section below!

P.s Is there anything you would like me to post about? Please let me know.

Have a super-duper weekend. 


8 thoughts on “Tag: I am more happy than not

  1. Awwwn.. We can all relate to those things but, the first one ehn.. That’s so me especially with chocolate, I don’t know how to safe chocolate.. Eat it once and for all 😁😁😁 I love your shoes too 💙

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  2. Hey Jen. Loads of things make me more happy than not. Let’s see. When I wake up in the morning healthy, when I find the blue pack of MnMs at the store, when my nieces smile at me, oh yes when my natural hair behaves, when I’m listening to milky ekko, when I’m drinking a cold bottle of coke even though I know I shouldn’t, and the list goes on n on n on. Nice outfit.

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  3. LOL!
    I can so relate!
    I’m happy than not”
    – when someone says “I can see COZA written all over you”
    – when I get compliments or engage in a conversation because of my hair.
    – when I get credit alerts.
    – when I get lovely comments on my blogpost.
    – when food arrives after waiting endlessly at the restaurant.
    – when I’m eating frozen yogurt.
    And etc!

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  4. When I get mails with “that post was for me, thank you” i’m more happy than not cuz again a life’s been changed..
    When I finally get to gist with friends I have been away from for ages..
    When I eat banga soup after been off it for months..
    When I travel, sightsee and just bask in the blessing of having a flexible schedule..
    Etc, etc.

    Ps: love your picture, first thing that popped in my head was that “you’re beautiful!”

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