Where I Went: Rele

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However, this post is long overdue!
Remember when I went for NITC 12?

After leaving NITC, I went to Rele with Dorothy, Kanyinsola and Desola.

Rele is an art gallery on Lagos Island that I’d been seeing on blogs and Instagram so when Desola suggested we go, I was all for it.

When we first got there, we recognized it straight away. This is because of the blackish wood-panel wall that we had come to associate with it thanks to people’s pictures on blogs and Instagram.

So first things first, we spent like half an hour taking our own ‘Rele wall” pictures.



After our wall photo shoot, we went inside and my first thought was how much smaller it looked in real life.

The space is nice and clean.

The current exhibition was about crossing lines. As such, most of the art filled their frames and overflowed to the walls like they had no boundaries.

Now, I’m no art expert but I thought this was interesting.

I asked “but after this exhibition, how will they show another when the wall still has this art on it”. Someone said they’d probably repaint the walls over the art which I think is the most likely solution.

One of the exhibitions was by Uthman Wahaab and it centered around fat ladies and solace.

Uthman Wahaab

The other exhibition by Soji Adesina was about addictions especially coffee and cigarette addiction.

Soji Adesina

Hair goals

Now, let me tell you a story. See these two ladies below?
These two fellas below are in another room of the gallery and are gossiping about these ladies.

The black things are coffee beans

Upstairs, they had art from previous exhibitions I think, so we went to take a look at those too.

This is completely made up of beads. Someone must have spent a boat load of time working on this

If it were me, I would have gotten frustrated and given up most definitely

There is a tree growing out of this toilet. Perfect spot I guess; manure is there, water is there and it sort of looks like a ceramic vase

The colourfulness just mirrors our personalities and cultures


Got a shot of the picture-shy Kanyinsola. Love how they look so happy

This cigarette installation on the wall by Soji Adesina was really cool

In case you’d like to visit Rele Art Gallery (and you should), here’s the info you need:


5 Military Street Onikan, Lagos.

Opening hours:

Mon: Closed (Appointments only)

Tues-Fri: 10a.m – 6p.m

Sat: 12p.m – 6p.m 

Sun: 2p.m – 6p.m


+234 809-321-5460


Have you been to Rele? What did you think? Would you visit Rele? Any art galleries you’d suggest I check out? Please share! 


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