Instapicks of the week #08


This week, I wasn’t so present on Instagram and I hope this doesn’t tell in the pictures.

How are you guys doing?

I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with work but I feel a bit refreshed now, thanks to the weekend. Hopefully this refreshed feeling doesn’t vanish by Tuesday!

Anywho, here are my picks for the week:

Source: @chrisbrownofficial

I love how the album is named after his daughter and the cover is a picture of him and her. She’s adorable. 

Source: @ro.timi

Can you believe this is an iPhone shot of a church in CMS, Lagos?

Source: @nappyhairnation

Source: @dee_mako

Source: @activistnyc

Support justice always, even if it may not directly concern/affect you. 

Source: @styleblazer

Adele has a new song/video! Have you seen it? 

Source: @afrekh


Source: @kourtneykardash

Kourtney and her ridiculously cute superhero sidekicks. 

Source: @sephorajoannes

Source: @bidsingraceland

Epe Fish Market

Source: @ciara

Happy birthday Ciara! #Bae

Source: @chrissyteigen

One of my favourite celeb couples; Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are having a baby! 

Which picture is your favourite?

Have a week as beautiful as you! X


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