Driving me bananas

I know, I know; I’ve been MIA! Sorry for the absence. Life happened.

I’m kicking myself for not having any pictures of the dilemma I’m about to tell you.

About 3 weeks ago, I thought I would try bananas to deep condition my hair. I had seen people do it on blogs and a friend of mine had done it in the past. So I steal get two bananas out of my sister’s bunch and keep them till the weekend. Beforehand I did some reading and read somewhere that you should sieve the mixture before use.
Being the rebel that I am(rolls eyes), I did not listen. There was no light(Thanks NEPA!) so I didn’t even use a blender. I just mashed my bananas with a spoon, threw in some honey and olive oil(I think I added a bit of conditioner too but my memory fails me), saturated my hair with my mixture and put on my shower cap nylon bag.
Time to wash it out!! I rinsed my hair and cowashed it and it felt good! I’m thinking “I like this banana deep condition oh!”. I step out of the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror and what do I see? Particles upon particles upon particles. I’m like “Blood of Jesus!”.
I go and cowash again, this time very vigorously and I use a comb this time(been finger detangling for a while now).
Brethren I stepped in front of the mirror and there was no damn difference.
My brain is processing, thinking “what to do, what to do”.
These strings and particles and jammed tight in my wet coils.
I figured the best bet would be to wait till the hair dries.
When the hair dried, my sister helped me comb and pick out the particles. She couldn’t even get all of them out.
I put my hair in flat twists speckled in banana leftovers and wore my new wig over it like that.


Check out my new wig!!




Name: Vivica Fox
Price: N8,950
Place of purchase: Casa Bella, Ikeja City Mall

I’ve been wearing it for three weeks now. Every weekend I wash and deep condition my hair, put it in flat twists for the week and wear my wig over it.

In other news, I’m done with NYSC! Whoop whoop! Praying for greater things and higher heights!


The blog turned one in May and I missed it :(. I’m not even sure of the date.

My one year “nappyversary” is coming up also and I don’t know which day to even choose; is it the day of my first big chop? Or the day of my 2nd big chop? Maybe you guys can help me decide.

However, here are my dates to note:
Last whole head relaxer- Jan 25th, 2013
Relaxed just the front for a weave- March 8th, 2013
Big chop- June 14th, 2013
Second big chop- July 18th, 2013

Hopefully, I will have another post up sooner than later *fingers crossed*

Till next time guys,
Take care.


14 thoughts on “Driving me bananas

  1. jabah same here oh i even destroyed the whole bathroom trying to get it out of my hair it was horrible . babe neva again…. u look so cute


    • Awww, thanks! ūüėÄ I know right?! Sometimes team cheapskate members have to close their eyes and open their wallets to buy something they really like


    • Thank you so much. Loool! I’m learning to accept the fact that my hair does not look like it’s growing even though it is, thanks to shrinkage


  2. Loll..this happened to me sometime last month. I mashed the banana and added other ingredients and after rinsing it, I realised the little banana pieces didn’t 2 wash off. Solution : I simply air dried it in 3 puffs. applied water and shea butter, then combed my hair as if I were detangling it with a wide tooth comb and a fine tooth. The fine tooth comb really help lifting the particles. Oh by the way, congrats on your service completion!


  3. Lol the EXACT same thing happened to me! No kidding! The banana stuck to my hair and didn’t want to let go.
    I’m running away from bananas forever. No sieving, nothing.
    Sorry hun. What won’t we see in this journey.


  4. Hahahahahhahaha!!! Just stumbled on your blog and had a really good laughter at the banana episode! Hilarious! Internet wouldn’t kill us on this our journey.


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