I’m bad at titling stuff but this is just an update

Hi guys, it’s been a minute.

I really don’t have much to talk about. My hair isn’t in the best place right now; I have inexplicable dandruff, thin edges and I’ve combed my hair dry one too many times. Hoping to get back on track ASAP and sort my hair out.

In other news, I stopped taking the Biotin. I got a horrible Urinary Tract Infection(UTI). Even though I’d rather not discuss this(lol) it might be of use to someone else. I’m not new to UTIs; I’ve had them a few times in the past but I haven’t had one in over 2 years so when I started feeling the symptoms, I guessed it was something I’d recently started doing that caused it. My mind told me it was the Hair,Skin and Nail supplements but I kept taking them and drinking bucket loads of water to hopefully flush the UTI bacteria out. The infection only got worse until I took to Google and saw that some people complained about getting UTIs from taking Biotin or Hair supplements(some said it was the Pantothenic acid that caused it,some said it was the Biotin itself etc). I’m not very certain the pills caused it but it is highly likely that it is. I stopped taking them and was treated with antibiotics and the infection is gone.

Anyone who is willing to try the pills can email me and I will give it to them(if you can pick it up in Lagos especially in the Maryland/Ikeja vicinity). I took them for one month so I took about 90 pills meaning there should be about 160 pills left in the bottle. Email me at jenniferabah(at)gmail(dot)com if you want it and can pick it up.
As far as progress goes, here’s a before and after.



It’s grown a bit more since I stopped taking the pills. It’s just hair/nails in the end; it will grow.

As always,I will leave you with a mini gallery of how my hair has been/how I’ve been wearing it. Enjoy.





You know I love my puffs




Been trying some Ayurveda. Not yet sure how I feel about it


Did mini twists and actually wore them out





Did loads of flat twist outs








I’m currently looking to buy a wig so that I can keep my hands out of my hair and keep my hair safe from my cruelty.
Will let you guys know how that goes.
Be safe!

P.s It’s been 10 months since I did the big chop! Oh and I’m still thinking about opening a product store so your opinions and suggestions on that are welcome.


7 thoughts on “I’m bad at titling stuff but this is just an update

  1. Your shrinkage kept deceiving me all along until I saw your fro. it’s beautiful.Don”t worry too much about your edges..you could try out a castor oil challenge and minimize the frequency of wearing puffs or tight weaves. Wigging it for a while is a good idea.You will definitely see improvements in a while.


  2. wow, your flat twist outs are fab.If only I could make mine that nice and your henna treatments surely gave u some nice highlights and like nafisah said wigging and a castor oil treatment wont hurt.


    • Thank you!!! It’s actually proper box dye that I coloured my hair with, not henna. Will definitely get on that castor oil; got my wig ready


  3. Hi there! Checked out your progress journey. Looking good gal. Also keep natural hair. Check out natural health,raw foods and herbal medicine blog at http://www.botanicalobsessions.com. I like to connect with newly naturals interested in holistic natural living myself. are you on instagram so I can follow you. Find me at @botanicalobsession or #botanicalobsession. Keep the post coming. All the best. If you’d like to feature also get in touch.


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