We made a wig!

Hello beautiful people, welcome to March!

So this post is looong overdue considering my sister and I made this in November or so.

I’d recently read two tutorials on making wigs (this one and this one ) and I’d also watched a Youtube video about it(can’t find the link) so the idea of making one had been lingering in my head. I love a good DIY(#TeamCheapskate #TeamAdventurous) and my sister is ever ready to join in so we thought why not make a fringe wig?

The process wasn’t properly documented but please bear with me and the pictures I managed to get.

Tools needed
-A wig cap (I got a pack of 2 for N100 from some hair shop in my neighborhood)

-Your weave of choice (I used a mixture of old weaves I had: Passion,Supreme and some Peruvian I believe)

-A plastic/nylon bag

-Bonding glue (Got a bottle for N300 from the store where I got the wig cap)

-Scissors and(or) a razor blade

-A wig stand/doll or a person to make the wig on (I used my sister since I didn’t have a stand/doll)

What to do

The first step is to put a nylon/plastic bag over the wig stand/doll or person’s head. Trust me, the glue can and will seep through the wig cap so you don’t want a wig that you can’t take off the stand or person’s head after making it.

20140301-095433.jpg(Our weave)

20140301-095742.jpg(The bonding glue)

20140301-113622.jpg(wig cap)


Then put the wig cap over that


So that done, starting from the back, first use the weave to measure the place you’re going to stick it to and snip off any excess. Proceed to put bonding glue on the track of your weave.Then stick it on


(It should look something like this. Stick it on from one end of the neck to the other)

Keep sticking it on this way until up you get to the top of the ears.
From there on, you’re going to stick it on around the circumference of the head or in a circular pattern so it falls over the face(I didn’t take a picture of this but here’s a picture from The Fashion Engineer)


So keep doing this until you have a small circle left to fill


Now what you’re going to do is to take a strip of weave and put glue on the track and roll it up tight(Again, no picture was taken so here’s one from Love Ifeyinwa)


Then put some glue in the circle left to fill and stick the rolled up strip in there.


I proceeded to press down that place with a hot straightener(I used a semi-hot iron too. Don’t judge me). Please don’t do this part if the weave you used is synthetic; it will burn.

Now you can cut the fringe however you like.



Funnily enough, I have never worn this wig out of my house. Maybe it’s because I feel there is something disconcerting about wigs; I feel like I could be walking on the road and a strong wind will take it right off my head.

Wigs are great protective styles. You can cornrow your hair under them and take them off at night so your hair can breathe. They give you full license to take care of your real hair without struggle as opposed to sew ins.

So, if you’re into DIYs or you just need a new inexpensive wig or you just want to try your hand at something new, give this a shot.

Jen out!


9 thoughts on “We made a wig!

  1. Love this! Tried making a wig one time and I didn’t put a plastic bag on the dolly before the wig cap so I was quite confused when the bonding glue seeped through the cap. 😦
    I abandoned the project and I figured the cap was flimsy cos it was 100 naira.
    I will try again. Thank you! πŸ™‚
    I have to ask though. How long did it last? Do you still have it?


    • Hi AB, I still have it somewhere but it is unwearable because I didn’t hang it up/put it on a doll so it got squashed and misshapen. The N100 cap is pretty flimsy though especially coupled with bonding glue I believe; so if u can get a stronger cap and/or sew instead of glue, u’ll make a better wig.


  2. Very nice dear. The problem with this is the wig cap and the glue. Myafricanhairitagestyle made a sew-in wig with adjustable wig caps that she got from amazon. Tried looking for that cap but no success yet.


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