Ain’t you glad it’s Friday

Yeah, I’m not so good with titles so forgive me.
Hey y’all!
I just wanted to drop by and say hi! It’s Friday so I’m in high spirits.

My hair’s been in puffs most days(remember I said they would be my go to style? I wasn’t kidding).
By the 18th of this month, my hair would be 8 months old!!! 4 more months and we’ll be at a year old. Wow.

Anyways, I’m not going to bore you with words today; here are some pictures of how my hair’s been recently for your viewing pleasure.



20140307-184359.jpg Puffs, puffs, puffs and more puffs.



I tried mini twists but I took them out after 2 days and I never wore them out of my house.



20140307-184947.jpgNotice the colour on the side of my head? More on that later


20140307-185140.jpgShrinkage why??!!!!!

Talk to y’all later,


6 thoughts on “Ain’t you glad it’s Friday

  1. You look so similar to this girl named Adobe i met in college(she’s also nigerian)
    The internet has a way of making the world a small place,may be you guys are related somehow. lol

    Anyways I just ran across your blog,gonna go look at some of your newer posts! Really nice!


    • LOL. You spelt it how it’s pronounced. It’s actually ‘Adaobi’.
      I don’t think we’re related(I’m not Igbo and she is judging by her name).
      Thank you Jasmine! 😀
      I hope you stop by more.
      (I don’t know why I thought I replied your comment a long time ago! So sorry for the overdue response)


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