It’s my birthday!

It's that day of the year where I can stuff my face full of cake and annoy people and get away with it.
I've never really been much of a birthday celebration kind of person. Spending the day watching TV, eating and replying birthday messages is fine by me. I do that almost every year and I don't think it'll be different this year(and no I'm not boring).
I would have taken myself and a few friends out to lunch/dinner but I think I'd rather save the money and get myself an iPhone 6 as a belated birthday gift in the near future(Team aka gum)
(Can I sue the person that did not put this cake in the fridge early enough?)
(4 already missing from yesterday)
Here's wishing myself a very happy birthday from me to me!
I hope you enjoy my beautiful day and it brings you goodluck.
Oh and I am now on Bloglovin even though I don't fully understand it yet so please follow me

Happy birthday to meeeee!

So it’s my birthday today! *does the electric slide across webpage*

I’ll spare you all the cliche new-year-new-me talk. LOL. But I do hope and pray that this new year will be my best year yet(and my hair’s too, LOL)

So I’ve taken out my yarn braids and I’m wearing a puff!!!!! I’ve always wanted to do a puff/Afro puff but I thought my hair was too short until I saw a blog where someone with hair similar to mine did it. So I think this will be my go to style from now on, especially for work.
I’ll leave you with pictures of me and my birthday hair. Enjoy!

I see growth! ūüėÄ

Detangling was a feat but we pulled through

Look at my dog photo bombing!!




I’m off to eat more cake! Cakes and Cream’s red velvet is the truth!


Till next time guys,