Product Review: Olori Damage Be Gone (Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment)

Hi guys,

Today, I bring you a product review.
I’d been seeing this product online and once saw it at NITC but didn’t buy it because it was pricey.
In October last year, my sister spotted Olori’s stand when we were at the Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference. We headed there are purchased the medium sized tub which usually costs 4000 NGN. However, we were able to get a discount so we got it at 3600 NGN and they threw in a little sample tub for free.




Shea butter, shea oil, castor oil & a blend of specially formulated African nut oils.

CLAIMS: (Too long to type so I will shorten it)

Damage Be Gone… deeply moisturizes damaged, parched, dry and weary hair… Goes a long way to soften hair, giving it a shine and lustre…

For use pre or post shampoo, leave in for 10-60 minutes under a shower cap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, or lightly shampoo if needed. Style as required.


The packaging is a basic tub with a label, nothing fancy but it is ideal for the product.
The product feels like and has the consistency of whipped shea butter.
It has a smoky, nutty smell. It smells like a mix of majorly palm kernel oil with a dash of shea butter and coffee.


First attempt: I washed my hair and then applied this heavy-handedly like I apply my regular deep conditioner. I covered my hair with a nylon bag and left it in for about an hour.
I could already foresee that rinsing with only water would not work because I rinsed my hands after applying this product and my hands were super oily. But I didn’t have any conditioner that day to cowash and I don’t buy the idea of shampooing after deep conditioning. So, I rinsed out with warm water as thoroughly as I could.

Results: Epic fail. My hair was oily for 2 weeks straight even though I only applied leave in and did not use any additional oil/butter for the 2 weeks. On the plus side, the product moisturized my hair.

Second attempt: On dirty tangled hair, I spritzed with a water and conditioner mixture, applied Olori and detangled my hair. The slip was awesome considering the fact that my hair had been in braids for 6 weeks. I subsequently washed and conditioned my hair with my regular conditioner.

Results: Detangled and moisturized hair. Score!

Third attempt: I washed my hair and applied Olori to my damp hair trying hard not be be heavy handed. I covered with a nylon bag and left it in for about 2 hours. I cowashed twice ensuring that I squeezed out as much Olori as I could without breaking my hair.

Results: Eureka! Perfectly soft and moisturized hair! (Slightly oily but not too bad)

Other ways I used it:
-I used this to seal my hair after using my leave in and it works great this way too.
– I used this as a body butter (The Bible says ‘judge not’)


  1. Moisturizing: This product definitely moisturizes and softens my hair
  2. Detangling: This provides fair slip when used on damp hair.
  3. Made in Nigeria! #BuyNigerian
  4. 100% natural and organic: no parabens, sulphates, petroleum additives or mineral oils.
  5. Ideal for both natural, chemically processed and coloured hair.
  6. Multipurpose: Can be used as a prepoo, hair butter/sealant, deep conditioner and body butter(Don’t quote me oh but I used this as a body butter with no issues)
  7. A little goes a long way.


  1. Oily: I really do not like oily hair and this can leave your hair oily if not properly washed out.
  2. Expensive.
  3. Hidden ingredients: Even if this is a family recipe, I would still like to know the contents of the “blend of specially formulated African nut oils”

Yes, when I’m feeling rich (I wouldn’t mind it as a gift *winks*)


4/5. It’s a great product.
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Phone: +234(0) 803 839 7016

Have you tried this product before? What did you think? Would you give this product a shot?


10 thoughts on “Product Review: Olori Damage Be Gone (Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment)

  1. Lol at when you were heavy handed with it.
    I guess because it’s a conditioner you won’t expect the oil. 😂
    I love the consistency.
    If I ever get my hands on it I don’t think i’d use it as a DC since the first ingredient is Shea Butter.


  2. I bought this at nitc once.because broke,I bought the small size.I think we went through the sane process of figuring it out.first time I used it as a dc,my scalp was itchy for an entire week 😰😢now I just use it as a’s my go to moisture treatment,and a little goes a loooong way (especially if ,like me,you out everything and the kitchen sink on your hair)


  3. 4000! For why now? I agree with bookie, shea butter as first ingredient is a no no for a deep conditioner. But it may serve as a good sealant. Really great review but it’s way too expensive. I would love to try it out if not for the pockect-tearing price


  4. Hiii Jen,just about to make the big chop and am really scared*big grin*,I really need some to”hold my hand”through this journey…..please?


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