Instapicks Backlogs #2

Hey beautiful people,

Did your week go well? Mine was just so-so.

I hope you’ve entered for the giveaway that Nafisah and Oge of Coily Head of Hair and I are having.

It’s my birthday tomorrow by the way! I will probably have a post up tomorrow but in the event that I don’t, I just thought to let you know. I will be a quarter of a century old and I sure do feel old! 😦

You know how you have so many things you wish you would have achieved by a certain age and then that age comes around and you’ve basically achieved nada on your list of goals? You don’t? *cough* Me neither! *nose grows Pinocchio style*

Anyways, here’s the rest of my Instapicks Backlogs and they are sort of a lot.


Source: @matheusmog


Source: @twmagazineng


Source: @westafricanbaby


Source: @kitchenbutterfly


Source: @eonline


Source: @aufzehengehen

Simple yet interesting


Source: @tokemakinwa

Because my sisters have no chill!


Source: @iamdasidy


Source: @sogiesnuggles


Source: @yagazieemezi

Owambe Saturdays in Lagos.


Source: @theafroattorney

In case you do not understand the comments, they are typical things said about victims of rape. The comments are turning the tables and saying them about the rapist instead.


Source: @curlsunderstood

Janet and Michael.


Source: @darkbeautymag


Source: @nykhor



Source: @chrishouns

Because I love the caption. If you don’t follow @humansofny, you’re missing.

Source: @myeyekay
Source: @therealfemi

When your real accent will not let you be great.

Source: @mayowaekpo

Which pick is your favourite? Any Instagram accounts you think I should check out? Please share! 

Have an awesome week!



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