A few of my favourite things -May


Hey guys,

How’s your Sunday going? Hope you have Sunday rice planned, ready, cooking or in your tummy because eating anything else on Sunday is a sin according to some unwritten but binding rule.

Here’s what happened when I tried to boil yam one fateful Sunday:


As I mentioned in my last post, I had a hard time figuring out what I loved in May but here’s what I came up with.

1. Things in threes:

I like to take pictures! And I tend to take pictures of the oddest things according to those who know me. 

Anyways, I recently found that taking pictures with a theme in mind helps keep things a bit ‘organized’. It’s not as fun as being spontaneous but it’s fun nonetheless.

The theme I had in my head for the three pictures below is ‘things in threes’. 



 (‘Trees in threes’. Try saying that three times fast)

2. Semo:


When I was younger I hated a number of foods. The major culprits were beans, boiled eggs, fried rice and especially swallows in all varieties. I now eat these things but I’m still very picky about swallows. I only eat semo, wheat and pounded yam.

Allow me to say that semo is bae! I ate semo at least 1-2 times a week this entire month. 

Unfortunately I’m so bad at making it. Yesterday I made some and my brother said “Jennifer this part is not done”. I gave him the look of death and told him to shut up and eat.

Any tips on making perfect semo? Please tell me in the comments.

 3. My current protective style:


These are twists done with about 16 packs of wool/yarn and I’ve had them for a little over 5 weeks now. 

I have been super lazy with them that’s why I’m loving them. Since I’ve had them, I’ve moisturized 2 times, cleaned my scalp once with baby wipes and oiled my scalp about 6 times.

4. My butterfly print plimsolls:


I bought these about a month ago on Jumia for N4495 (although I had a voucher so I only paid N2695). It comes in a variety of prints and colours. Just search for ‘shoe republic la plimsoll” on Jumia

5. Fresh Yo:


I’m obsessed with this Fresh Yo stuff yo! I buy it everyday(which is so unhealthy). And it’s not even cheap sef (N200). But it’s so yummy. It also comes in a strawberry flavoured version.

And those are my favourite things from May!

Also guys, let me tell you about this giveaway you shouldn’t let pass you by!

Visarn Hair Line, a company that sells human hair is having a giveaway which is open to entries nationwide in Nigeria and ends on the 4th of June.

They will pick three winners and although the prizes are a surprise, a little birdie told me they will give away some of their luscious high quality human hair, a mini spa treatment and 3 packs of their recently launched Marley hair.

It is the Marley hair that me I want so you can be sure I will enter the giveaway!

To enter, head over to their Instagram page. They are @visarnhairline on Instagram.

All you have to do is follow them, repost any of their beautiful pictures with the hashtag #hairyoucantrust, tag them and tag 3 of your friends. C’est fini! 

So don’t dull guys! You could win some of their amazing hair! Check them out on Instagram and you can see some of the beautiful hair that could be yours.


What are you currently loving? Do you share any of my current faves? Got tips on making perfect semo? Please share in the comments!



16 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things -May

  1. Your yarn twists look amazing , it’s probably blasphemy to cook any food apart from rice in an African house on a sunday.
    Still loving the hair , the color is everything. 😄


  2. The colour of your twists, fierceee!
    My favorite things in May include that blur option in photo grid: it has taken over my pictures, my leave in (elasta qp), my baby domain lol and shakitibobo (the dance).
    Thanks so much for this (down below) ^.^

    Bookie Kunlere


    • Thank you Bookie! 😀
      I had to go to my PhotoGrid to look for what you were saying. Thank you for that discovery! I will put it to good use.
      Me I can’t dance to save my life so I stay observing when people are shakitiboboing.
      Yay to the link! Whoop whoop!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your loves too☺ Your yarn twists are so beautiful. 16 packs though! Isn’t it heavy? I think I used almost 10 one time and my head😖. I’m in love with my plimsolls too.
    “Shut up and eat” 😂

    To make semo (in fact any swallow from flour) I mix the powder with some room temp water, make a thick batter and put in on fire, stir till it thickens to what might look like the final product. Not done yet. Add hot water (it won’t mix) and let it boil for 2-3 mins then throw out the excess water. Stir-fold-stir-fold as usual and you have swallow that is cooked through.


    • Yay! Thank you Sandra! 😀
      It isn’t heavy any longer but the first week, it was like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
      Thank you so so much for this semo method; I’ll definitely try it!


  4. I have always always always wanted to do wine yarn. Love it! But sister…sixteen packs? Were you comfortable? The first yarn hair I made I used fifteen and I nearly died. Lol. They were faux locs…i converted them to twists to lighten the load after i had them on for two weeks. Great look anyways. ☺


    • Loool!
      They were heavy at first. Like neck breaking heavy. But they either got lighter or I became used to the weight (not sure which).
      Thank you!
      Give it a shot.


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