What I wore: Charlie Harper

One day I had nothing to wear so I went to my mum’s closet and grabbed this oversized shirt. It was quite big but I actually liked it.
I thought I looked like a female version of Charlie Harper(Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men).
Fun fact: The day I wore this outfit, I sat on a table at work and literally five seconds later, the table and I were chilling on the floor. I was so dazed that I just sat there on the floor for some minutes after. The table broke y’all! I need to hit the gym or something. My butt broke a table!
Tip: Laugh with the people laughing at you. When you get home cry to the Lord to wipe their memories overnight. Alternatively, move to Cotonou and start a new life.
(Edges in need of Jesus and edge control)
Jeans: Random (I always wear them rolled up because they’re too short)
Top: For my mama
Shoes: From Jumia
Bag: Borrow pose

16 thoughts on “What I wore: Charlie Harper

  1. Lol! . I love this babe. The funny thing about falling is how ‘scattered’ u look when it happens. U can’t fall with swag(lmao). My hair has gotten to that awkward stage where wash and go’s don’t work anymore. I don’t know jack about styling. Wish u could give like step by step instructions on ur perfect styles. Help a sister!!!

    And yes….. Totally digging ur look, as always.


    • Thank you! ❤️ 😀 😀
      You can’t fall with swag at all at all!
      Hmm, that’s a very good idea actually Jane.
      What type of styles would you like to see?


  2. I’m all about those shoes! Gimme!
    Sorry about the fall, if only one could fall like a disney Princess. Lol
    I may be alone in this but falls really scare me, like, I watch someone fall and I get too scared they’re hurt to remember to laugh.


    • Thanks Sandra! Buy yours on Jumia :p
      I know right? Just put one hand on your forehead and fall with grace like a Disney princess. Alas I fell yakata.
      You are not alone cos a few people ran over and asked if I was hurt and when they saw I wasn’t, they relaxed and laughed with the others.


  3. lol at charlie harper, you look way cooler than him, plus ahn ahn what do you mean you are not fast naa..sorry about the fall too even i would have stayed on the floor for a while too.x


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