A few of my favourite things- April

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes; snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes; something something something bla bla bla bla; these are a few of my favourite things


I enjoy reading what people are loving every week/month on their blogs and I always wanted to write about things I was loving too here.

I’m not sure I can keep up with doing it weekly but I can do monthly. 
So here are a few of my favourite things from April: 
1. Cocoa butter


I was recently kind of bored with plain old shea butter and decided to try something different. 
I stumbled upon cocoa butter and other exotic butters such as murumuru, avocado, mango etc on the Beautifully Nappy blog shop
I initially wanted mango butter because I love the smell of mangoes but a quick Google search informed me that it actually doesn’t smell like mangoes so I went for cocoa butter instead.
I loooove the smell of cocoa butter! It’s like chocolate but not Dairy Milk kind of chocolate; think Richoco or King’s Bite(That Ghanaian chocolate with a red wrapper). 
My baby brother actually tries to lick it sometimes when I’m not looking and my sister and mum keep trying to steal it.
2. iOS 8
If you’re not into Apple devices, this one won’t be interesting to you but I recently upgraded from iOS 7 to iOS 8 and I’m really liking iOS 8.
The camera features are better, there’s now a ‘recently deleted’ album so you don’t lose mistakenly deleted pictures (Love this!), you can send voice notes on iMessage etc
The difference between both isn’t so major but it’s the subtle changes that just make it so much better and cooler.
3. One-a-week styles: 


If you’re like me and you like to dress up at the last minute and rush out the door, you will appreciate styles you can put your hair in for a whole week. 
They save me time and stress and save my hair from excessive manipulation.
Here’s what I do these days:
  • Wash my hair on Saturday and twist.
  • Wear it in a twist out on Sunday.
  • On Sunday evening, put it in a style for the week.
  • Forget about it till Saturday.
  • On Saturday, moisturize it and twist.
  • Wear a twist out on Sunday.
  • On Sunday evening, put it in a style for the week.
  • Forget about it till Saturday.
  • On Saturday, start from step 1 again.
This means I now wash my hair every 2 weeks which is good for a lazy girl like me; although I must admit that it itches during the second week.
4. The view from my balcony:


You might be wondering “but it’s not a fantastic view”. 
I’m moving to a new house soon and that house has no balcony or view. 
I’m seriously going to miss sitting in this balcony enjoying fresh air, watching people and cars go by and listening to the sounds of Lagos (i.e shouting, car horns and generators).
I’m also going to miss my annoying dog, Kiara, who will not be moving with us. (Hopefully she annoys her way into the hearts of her new owners)
5. Cardboard: 
Did I hear you go “huh?!”. Don’t worry I’m not crazy. 
Sometime ago, I read on Cassie Dave’s blog about how cardboard makes a great background for pictures and I thought ‘Wow! How come I never thought of this?!’. Anyways, I have gotten myself a few and I will be using them when necessary as they do make great backgrounds for pictures. 
I used pink for my what’s in my bag picture; did you notice? 
I also used blue and white for the cocoa butter pictures above.
I personally think yellow is the most beautiful but my neighbourhood mallam didn’t have yellow. 
I think I will go to a book shop and get sheets of coloured paper as well.
There you have it; my very first “current faves” post. 
What are you currently loving? Share, share, share! I wanna hear!

P.S. you guys know you’re my favourites all day errday right? 

25 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things- April

  1. Awwn. Great post! The view from your balcony is so nice and refreshing. I love that those heavy clouds were captured so perfectly and the cardboard idea is so cool. I’m an Architecture student with tons of cardboard paper collecting dust in my locker since last semester and I hadn’t a clue about this!


    • I need to download and rewatch “Sound of Music”!
      Haven’t used any Profectiv products since I went natural but I’ll be on the lookout for that so I can try it.
      Maybe I will find some eye candy too at my new house 😀


      • I have the whole song track on my laptop. I don’t rilli have a favorite I just want to come back to Nigeria that’s all I want , to smell air , to buy suya from a mallam I don’t know , to enter traffic and used it as an excuse . ….


        • I don’t remember the last time I ate suya, enjoyed the smell of the air or liked traffic(even if it’d make a good excuse).
          But like they say, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone and a prophet is never appreciated in his own home (Forgot to complete the comment before posting previously)


        • Can we trade places please? I don’t need to know where you are, I just want out. The only guaranteed fresh air I smell daily is the recycled air from my A.C. Buying Suya from a strange Mallam is a “tasted” and trusted recipe for cholera. And having to sit through traffic 6hrs daily, 3 both ways has ensured that I find nothing interesting about it.

          These things might seem exotic to you but I promise you its not. 😦



          • Looool! I know the feeling!
            Especially traffic in a danfo where you are squashed in between people, sweaty and generally frustrated, breathing in exhaust fumes and the conductor’s body odour. Then God help you, you now forgot to use the toilet before setting out(and you ate the strange mallam’s suya too). The worst!


  2. I’ve been trying to post my comment, gosh WordPress has been taking the piss.

    Wow! Cardboard for flat lay pictures. I never knew, I always wondered, great tip! 😉

    This month I’m loving:
    – How there’s no CDS till further notice.
    – My Elasta QP leave in conditioner (smells like actual mango butter, yum).
    – How my weekends are about frozen yoghurt, good food, wine and ice cream.
    – How my blog is expanding.



    • WordPress can do rubbish sometimes ehn.
      I know right; who would have thought cardboard would make flat lays so much better.
      No CDS till further notice? Wow! Enjoyment! Now your CDS days can be about froyo, good food, wine and ice cream as well 😉
      I like Elasta QP but it’s a bit oily.
      Blog expansion for the win; I’m interested in many different things as well and it’d be criminal not to mention them every now and then.
      Looking forward to your new content!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My version of the ‘sound of music’….

    Pounded yam and white soup, chicken and icecream
    cornflakes in warm milk, singing and dancing
    reading novels and watching movies
    these are a few of my favorite things….

    when the light is out
    when there’s no money
    when mosquito bitessssss
    i simply remember my fa-vo-rite things
    and then i don’t feeeeeeeellllll….soooooooooooo….baaaaaaaaaddddd!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww…..didn’t know card boards make great backgrounds for pictures. Nice! Thanks for sharing Jenny. Heading off to go get my card boards.


  5. Nice view there. And good tip about the cardboard, I scrolled back to the pictures and appreciated how something so basic could make the picture pop.
    Why aren’t you moving with your dog kiara?She is going to be so unhappy.


    • Thank you Tayo!
      I know right?!
      We don’t think our new neighbors will be very accommodating of her; she can be messy, unfriendly and most of all, she is a noisemaker extraordinaire


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