Painful Love

***First time I’ve missed church in a while! Well, this is how I spent the time… Enjoy!***

When you’re around,peace eludes me.
Like a crouching lion waiting to pounce on its prey, you await my mistakes,my faults
And when none I have,as though frustrated, you create atrocities to blame me for out of thin air.
Is this hatred? I know not
Is this envy,fear maybe? I can’t tell
All I know is that you choose every opportunity available to make my life unbearable
You find some sort of sick pleasure in watching me lament and struggle and suffer and cry.
You were the one I loved, I still love you… I think
But you love me not,
The only reason you still keep me is because you want to display me as your trophy, your glorious possession
You drain me of life, of joy
I want to go but I can’t
You have a hold on me,an inexplicable hold
I want to live without you but I can’t live without you.
You are my life,yet, you are the death of me
You’re my angel,yet, my demon.
You might kill me eventually but I will stay with you
In your arms I will die,in the arms of my love.


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