Giveway winner!

Hi lovelies,

So the blog is 2! And the giveaway is finally over.

First of all, the answer to the JAMB question; what two things on my Christmas wishlist have I gotten? The iPhone 6 and the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner!! 


If you guessed it right, you smart (you loyal, go buy your mama a house). There were a total of 29 entries and I was actually quite surprised because 13 people got the answer right! How una take know biko (tell me in the comment section please).

Some people did not follow the rules of the giveaway at all! Some commented and didn’t follow the blog, some mentioned only one item they thought I’d gotten, some said it was iPhone and DSLR they wanted to win (ah!!!!) meanwhile those weren’t what I was giving away oh. I won’t mention names *zips lips*

As the sweet, merciful soul that I am, I forgave and overlooked all sins and accepted all comments as valid entries seeing as this is the first giveaway.

Without further blabbing, by random selection (with the aid of a random number generator), the winner of the giveaway is Ify!!! *fireworks*



Don’t run off just yet people. I decided to give away the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from my BoonBox (since I had one already) as a ‘consolation prize’. 


Another random selection (after removing Ify’s name) and Funke won!!



Congratulations to both ladies! I will email you shortly but if you do not get an email from me by the end of the day, please send me an email at

And if you didn’t win, cheer up! There will always be a next time. And thank you for entering the giveaway!

Currently having a tough time coming up with stuff I loved this May but once I’m done, the post will be up.



All I Want For Christmas


Hello my people! How body?

Let’s overlook the fact that I’ve been MIA ‘kay? Okay

I’m here to share with you my unrealistic Christmas wish list. You know talking about hair 24/7 can get boring so sometimes we’ve gotta switch it up a bit, no?

Without further ado and in no particular order, here’s what I want(so Santa take note):

1. An iPhone 6

God said it and I believe it that 2015 is my year to be the proud owner of a gold iPhone so that I can also be taking mirror selfies or what do you guys think? So readers as you are reading, if The Lord is laying it in your heart, you can email me and I will receive the phone from you with great gratitude.
(P.s there is an iPad giveaway over at She Loves The Finer Things so don’t dull)

2. Man Candy

Every girl has a/some point(s) in her life where she wonders if she is repelling the good guys and attracting the creeps(Don’t lie!). At the moment, it is basically creep central station for me. So this Christmas, dear Santa, I need me some man candy. Easy on the eyes and sweet too. Is that too much to ask for? I think not.

3. A DSLR Camera

I’ve been wanting one since 2012! I even made a list of the possible options. The Canon T3i is currently topping that list with it being somewhat affordable in comparison yet really great. Hopefully I’ll get one soon *fingers crossed* and that would mean beautiful picture quality on the blog for you all to enjoy.

4. A Vacation

I started a new job guys *fireworks*. But it has only been a little over a month and I am already so stressed out! I need to be on a beach somewhere sipping on a strawberry daiquiri and watching the blue waves rise and fall. Or perhaps in a 5 star restaurant somewhere saying “I’ll have the whole of page 1 and also page 3 and then give me page 6 for dessert”. You know! *sigh*

Of course I have to include some hair stuff too!

5. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

I can hear some of you saying “now she is being realistic”. I’ve read so many rave reviews of this product and I am dying to give it a go. As a matter of fact, I spotted it in Accra and purchased it with the speed of light only to walk out of the store and bring it out of the bag to sniff it and realize it was the shampoo! The Kink And I is currently having a huge giveaway which includes this product and you can be sure I entered(again, don’t dull people!)

6. The kinky Apothecary’s Whipped Batter

So I won a giveaway hosted by The Kink And I and The Kinky Apothecary. They gave me Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie but I also found a cute little sample tub of the whipped batter when the package arrived. I’ve used it now and I love it so much. This stuff smells amaaaazzzing! I want it! I need it!

The Kinky Apothecary is actually giving away 12(yes 12!) tubs of it to 12 lucky people on their Instagram page so do not dull oh!

So that’s it folks. I have loads more on my list but these are the basics.

So do you want any of the things on my list? What do you want this Christmas? Please share!

Hope you’re having a lovely week.
Bises! (‘Hugs/kisses’ in French)

Images gotten from Google, The Kinky Apothecary’s Instagram page and myself