Instapicks of the week #06

I hope you had a good week? Yes? Whoop whoop!

This week, I had 68 Instagram posts shortlisted for my Instapicks Of The Week! 68!

There were just so many good posts and I really wish I could include all but I can’t. I managed to cut it down to 19 which is still a lot but that was the best I could do so…
Warning: Picture overload ahead! Enjoy!

Source: @nayyirah.waheed

Her caption: “The beauty of my people is so thick and intricate”

Source: @spiritualword

Source: @ukafrolista

Source: @ciara

Future is too cute!

Source: @hergivenhair


Source: @photojhenie

Happy Independence Nigeria! 

Source: @shades_of_blackness

Source: @okija

It is with great sadness that I must come to terms with the fact that I will never be Mrs Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Ebuka got hitched! 

Source: @oshawaiters

Source: @igobyfrankie

Source: @khloekardashian

North+ Penelope = Cuteness overload!

Source: @zainabbalogun

New mantra

Source: @xodvf

Source: @iconic_africana

Source: @adelaoye

Source: @demicarson

It’s not you sweetie, it’s him.

Source: @thecreamycrackrehab

Source: Yours truly, @nigerianandnatural

This is called Panakara (pan fried akara). As I mentioned on Instagram, it tends to be dry so maybe make a pepper sauce or some pap to go with it. I learnt it from Chefrican (a cooking show on ELTV) but you can find more recipe/cooking info about it on  9ja Foodie or Dooney’s Kitchen.

Source: @sayotivity 

This video reminds me of that quote from Game Of Thrones: “What do we say to the god of death? Not today!” 

That’s it for this week!

Which picture/video is your favourite? Any pages you think I should check out? Please share!

Have an awesome week and an amazing month as well! 



13 thoughts on “Instapicks of the week #06

    • I know, Ebuka! 😦
      I love that picture too! And one of the members of my panel of judges, aka my sister, told me not to include that picture but I liked it so I did.


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