Hair vs face

Hello beautiful people. Ça va?

In the course of your healthy hair journey, there are some things you do that end up being detrimental to your face(especially acne-prone skin).
-Oiling your hair may end up leaving you with bumps along your hairline and on your face. Either the hair rubs against your face or you mistakenly, absent-mindedly touch your face with your oily fingers or someway somehow, the oil from your hair ends up on your face.
-Oil and hair products transfer from your hair to your pillow and eventually your face leaving you with acne.
-In the course of washing/deep conditioning/hot oil treatments etc, products end up on your face.

On the other hand, in the course of your battle to maintain/achieve blemish-free, beautiful skin, there are some things you do that end up being detrimental to your hair.
-Face wash/scrub/mask/cleanser/toner(with ingredients like SLS and co) ends up in your hair, especially your edges which more often than not are the major problem areas you are battling with in your hair journey.(Also body wash/soap ends up in your nape region when you wash your neck and also on the hair behind your ears when you wash behind your ears).
-Face powder/foundation ends up in your hair(edges) when you are trying to get a seamless application.

All these are issues that I am facing and I’m sure some of you are too.

It can get really annoying. I mean, how annoying are those tiny painful pimples around your hairline. Sometimes after washing my face and I think face wash got on my edges, I will go and moisturise my edges but then hair product gets on my freshly washed face -_-

So dear people, who else is suffering from hair vs face issues? How do you deal with them? Who has overcome these issues? How did you do so? Who has possible solutions to spill?

Please share because some of us(I) need to know.



4 thoughts on “Hair vs face

  1. It’s so great how you mentioned this. Naturally I’m blessed with pimple free skin. When I was doing my research before starting my HHJ, I read somewhere how hair oils could cause acne but since I’ve never had issues with pimples, I kinda shrugged it off. Lo n behold a few weeks in, I started seeing pimples here n there. Worst of all, they left spots (prolly due to my picking em *coversface*) Arrrrrggghhh! I was like WTH!!! Fussed over it a little but I was just hoping my skin would adjust. It’s been about four months now and I have one medium sized pimple smack in the middle of my forehead and a couple little ones around. They come and go as they please abeg. Sometimes my powder rubs on my edges, I wipe it off then apply shea butter which now promptly ends up on my face. Arrgh! Babe, me I just free it oh. I’m already obsessing over my hair, if I add face, na die be that. What will be, will be and who fine, go fine.


    • “Who go fine go fine”. Lmao! I know the spots-struggle! I hate the spots the pimples leave behind but I know it’s my fault. For now I just let the pimples come and go as they please too because I have no idea what to do. I cannot kill myself. You win some, you lose some I guess


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