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Hi y’all,
Straight to the point.

Finding products in Nigeria is still a struggle for me(I’m sure a lot of you can relate!). Even worse is the fact that when I do find products, the prices send me into a mini cardiac arrest(I’m sure even more people can relate). You know I’m a proud member of the Cheapskates club!

So I’ve been thinking, I want to open a store and sell products! Products for natural hair and for anyone who is looking to have healthy hair or who is on a healthy hair journey. I want to focus on those hard to find products/brands that are mostly only available abroad.

My main aim is to make the products reasonably affordable(Considering shipping cost and all). Another aim of mine is to be able to ship nationwide.

Products will be displayed and available for purchase online. Also, they will be available at a supermarket in Ikeja, Lagos for those who prefer to shop physically and for those who want to pickup what they ordered online(Hopefully, more outlets will be available in the future in other places)

For now though, it’s still just an idea. So I need opinions! I was going to put a poll below but I changed my mind. Please let me know in the comment section what you think.

Here’s what I’d like you to answer:

1. Do you think I should start selling hair products or do you think there are too many stores already?

2. What kind of products/tools/things would you like me to stock?

3. What brands would you like me to stock?

4. What do you think of this idea in general?

5. Anything you’d like to say?

Thank you!

Have an awesome week guys!

P.S. Please help me get the word out so that I can get as many people’s feedback as possible, thanks and God bless!


6 thoughts on “Product store in Nigeria

  1. Pls start we dnt hv enough d little we hv r too expensive!!! We understand shipping cost n all ehhhh buh remember ds is naija. Pls stock shea moisture,cantu,henna,indigo,aussie moist,shea butter,cocoa butter,herbal essence,Vo5,eco styler,jamaican black castor oil,etc n pls it must be CHEAP!!!!
    Mm in ph tho n m a natural.


  2. If you have the ambition, please do. The prices of the hair care products especially the ones ordered online in the country are too exhorbitant (probably due to shipping, etc). Most of us who are not in Lagos and not exposed to varieties have to depend on online sources some of the time. If you want to create one, please it should be one with a difference because that is the only way to compete. I like ayurvedic products, wigs (especially lace wigs), but I don’t think I’ve laid my eyes on them before because of little accessibility were I currently reside. I think it’ll be nice if you’all have products like herbal essence, aphogee, Shea moisture, macademia and probably stuff like these magic diy roller sets, to name but a few. All the best with your endeavours!


  3. Hello, Please Please, start your own store and Please i hope your living in PH(Crying) . We need you in Ph…. I like avyrevdic products, Rhassoul clay,bentonite clay, african pride, cantu shea butter, sheamoisture. Its not fair that all are in lagos. Natural hair meet up all in lagos. Please do consider starting your own store. Hope it wont be too priced


    • Hi Kells, in all honesty this idea is on the back burner for now.
      However there are some product stores in PH:
      -Casabella at Port Harcourt mall
      -Fros and Cornrows at 45 Evo road GRA
      -Havilah salon at Suite B6 1st floor Okoh Daniel’s plaza, no 36 Old Aba road.

      You can also try online stores that ship nationwide e.g

      And there was a hair meetup hosted by Naija Hair Can Grow last month. If I hear of any others, I’ll be sure to post about it.


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