I was featured on: African Naturalistas 

Hi y’all,

I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve been featured on African Naturalistas!

This is a blog that I’ve been reading since… since!

So I feel ‘appy, I feel fulfilled because I never experredit.(Just kidding)

So yeah, go check it out here.

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My failed straightening experience

Hi beautifuls! (yes I said that)

I’ve been dying to straighten my hair but I had planned to get it done professionally.

However, one evening about two weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to straighten my hair.
About two days prior, my mum had bought herself a bottle of Design Essentials HCO Leave-In Conditioner and Blow Drying Lotion(long name so let’s call it the DE lotion shall we?). So I decided I would use that as my heat protectant.
I washed my hair in my usual fashion and then applied some of my regular leave in and a bit of oil. I then proceeded to apply the DE lotion and blow dry in sections but my hair seemed to be getting really dry and ‘seizing up’ (I tried to blow dry my hair like a year ago and the same thing happened!). 
I decided to skip the blow drying and just straighten from the get-go. 
I would take a section, apply some more DE lotion to my ends and straighten.
My hair no gree. It would not become bone straight no matter how hard I tried or how many passes I made with the straightener. I decided to get it as straight as it would go and not stress it. 
Imagine my surprise when the sections I straightened started reverting 2 minutes later.
I said “lai lai, you must be straight oh” and straightened them again. Two minutes later, same thing. After trying like 3 times, I gave up!

I know I look like struggle



That afro section was actually straight 2 minutes before!


I gave up and spritzed my hair with water


Happy to see those coils back. The fear of heat damage is real


Here’s what I learnt:
  1. My hair seems to hate being blow dried.
  2. My hair does not want to be straight.
  3. My ends are as shitty as shitty can be. They were basically like dead looking, knot filled thread when I straightened my hair.
What I’ll do next time:
  1. Try a better product.
  2. Trim my ends.
  3. Get it done professionally.
  4. Maybe try one of those straightening products that last weeks e.g. ORS Strengthening and Straightening Treatment which Tuke tried here

Any tried and trusted straightening methods/products you’d suggest? Any advice for my next attempt? Have you/would you straighten your natural hair? Please share!