Caring for my hair while in a protective style(Full sew in)

Hey y’all! Season’s greetings!

As I said in my last post, I’m currently in my first protective style since by big chop and it’s a full sew in. Being in a protective style does not give you the license to neglect your hair. While my hair was relaxed, I would totally abandon it under weaves and when I took them out, I would see heaps of nasty dandruff and grime. Now being natural, I’m determined to not have that happen.


Before I talk about how I care for my hair, let’s start from what I did before I got the weave.

How I prepped my hair before getting my protective style

1. I researched how to prep my hair before getting a protective style on Google. Lol

2. I prepooed/did a hot oil treatment with castor oil and coconut oil. This is the first time I actually did a proper prepoo/hot oil treatment. Other times in the past, I’d leave it on for like 15 mins halfheartedly. This time, I warmed up my oils(mixed them in a bottle and put the bottle in a bowl of hot water), put it all over my hair and scalp, covered my hair with a plastic bag and let it sit for about an hour.

3. I washed my hair with my Bobeam shampoo bar. After I washed my hair, I noticed it didn’t feel as squeaky clean as it would normally feel. My hair felt somewhat softer and moisturized so the prepoo/hot oil treatment worked! I’ll be doing them properly and wholeheartedly from now on.

4. I did a protein treatment. I mixed one egg, some coconut oil and some conditioner(v05. I figured since it has a little protein in it, it’d be an additional benefit). Put it in my hair and left in for about an hour. It dripped like crazy!! Omg! At first I didn’t put a plastic bag on cos I heard heat can cook the egg in your hair(even though I’ve used eggs in the past and I covered with a plastic bag). After a while I couldn’t just deal with the dripping so I put on a plastic bag and strapped it on tight and the dripping greatly reduced. I rinsed it out after a while and my sister said “why are there white things in your hair?!” I had semi cooked eggs in my hair guysss! Or the concoction reacted and congealed? I don’t know but I had to pick out particles from my hair.

5. I deep conditioned. This is important after you do a protein treatment cos protein treatments can make your hair feel hard. I deep conditioned with a mix of Natur vital conditioner, garnier fructis conditioner, a little glycerin, coconut oil and castor oil. Put on my plastic bag and left it on overnight and rinsed it out the next morning(morning I went to get the weave)

6. I moisturized(I didn’t want to use products that would cause build up since I would have my hair covered for a while so I simply spritzed my hair with a mixture of water, glycerin and coconut oil) and sealed my hair and also oiled my scalp(sealed my hair and oiled my scalp with my Shea butter mix that I have dubbed “Sheamint” cos it smells minty. It’s a mix of Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil and peppermint oil). Combed my hair and let it air dry.

7. Here’s the mistake I made: I didn’t stretch my hair in any form. I would recommend stretching it somehow after detangling so that it can be easier for the stylist(and you). For hair as short as mine, maybe do cornrows as big as possible. Because I didn’t stretch my hair, I had to endure painful parting and combing from the stylist(she was trying to be gentle but we all know it’s hard to comb dry, shrunken, wash-and-go hair that all the strands want to do is hug each other tightly)

How I’m caring for the weave itself

I simply spray it occasionally with a mixture of water,conditioner,glycerin and coconut oil and I detangle it with my fingers. I sleep in a satin bonnet and when I wake up, I just fluff it up with my hands and head out.

So on to the main thing.

How I’m caring for my hair in my protective style

1. Moisturize.

I was skeptical about using a leave in(especially since I mostly use regular rinse out conditioner for that) because I didn’t want any build up since I wouldn’t be able to wash weekly so I moisturize with only water and oil. I moisturize 3x a week and I do this by raising up my weave track by track and spraying my scalp and corn rows lightly(they don’t need to be wet wet wet. I was making this mistake initially) with a mix of water, peppermint oil and coconut oil(measurements for the oils would depend on how much water you’re using and personal preference). I then rub some castor oil into my scalp(as I said in my last post, I’m doing my own personal castor oil challenge). I apply castor oil to my edges more regularly(almost daily)

2. Cleanse.

I use a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 1-3 parts water and I also add some peppermint oil and coconut oil. I dip the edge of a towel in the mix and clean my scalp and cornrows (only do the cornrows when I remember but I focus on the scalp. Lol). I do this once a week(I’m going to skip this week though cos I don’t feel like). Some people wash, condition and deep condition while in weaves but I don’t think that’s very doable with pro 10 bohemian curls.

3. Sleep in a satin bonnet.

This seems almost unnecessary since all my hair is covered up but I do it anyways(especially because of my edges which aren’t totally covered up).

I got the peppermint oil for N2010 from Health Plus at Ikeja City Mall(the store beside Shoprite)


I got the apple cider vinegar from Park n shop for N610 I believe


I got the clear, filtered apple cider vinegar because I didn’t know there was an organic, unfiltered kind with something called “the mother” in it which is the kind most people recommend. But I was like “abeg abeg abeg no time! I will use it like that”.

The initial crazy itching I had actually stopped after I’d had the weave for about a week; I hear it takes a bit of time for your scalp to accustom to undiluted castor oil so you might itch at first so I think that’s what was happening. But I might be wrong since my head always itched when I got weaves while my hair was relaxed.

And on days when I don’t feel like leaving the weave down?

I’ve always loved scarves and bows and hair accessories(I even make some from time to time like that orange scarf in the top 2 pictures). I’m however new to headwraps so I don’t know a lot of styles but I’m falling in love with them!

I can’t wait to take this weave off by next week! Ugh! I just want to pour cold water on my head; I’m almost drooling thinking about it.

So till next time guys.
Peace, love and joy in your hearts.