Instapicks of the week #07

Hey guys,

I know, I know! This post is supposed to have been up on Sunday and today is Wednesday.

I know you people must be tired of hearing my many many excuses but please find a place in your heart to forgive me because you love me; I know you do!

So enjoy!

Source: @darkbeautymag

Source: @findingpaola

Source: @jayolowu

You can find beauty in the mundane

Source: @asa_music

Love this shot of Asa

Source: @verse20

Source: @peniel_enchill

The struggle to have everything on fleek

Source: @tribalgem

Source: @nayyirah.waheed

Her mind is a brewery for the most beautiful words. I had 4 quotes from her and seriously battled to pick just one.

Source: @marcydolapooni

She was such a gorgeous bride! 

Source: @artnewsafrica

Source: @lawyartist

I wish I could draw

Source: @instagram

Source: @kelbpics

Source: @lookslikelagos

Back in the days of NITEL. #WhatIsASmartPhone

Which picture is your favourite and why?

I hope you’re having a great week and if not, don’t worry it’s almost Friday!



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