My Hair Stash (Feb 2015)

Salut, hello, howdy!

I am not a product junkie! I really am not. However I seem to have a lot of stuff for someone who basically uses mostly shampoo, conditioner, leave in and shea butter 95% of the time! I did not realize until I was taking pictures for this post that I had so much stuff that I don't use often! I had to dust some of them before taking pictures sef

IMG_9717 (Photo Cred: @thecreamycrackrehab on Instagram)

Without further ado,behold my stash



-Bobeam shampoo bar in Shealoe (purchased from The Kinky Apothecary ). I have had it for over a year y'all)
-Dudu Osun- melted down and mixed with water and olive oil (Can be purchased from your local grocery/beauty store)

My staple: Dudu Osun


-Shea Moisture restorative conditioner (a gift from someone who went abroad but can be purchased on The Kinky Apothecary as well as Olori)
-V05 herbal escapes conditioner (purchased at NITC but can be bought at many local grocery/beauty stores. I mostly buy it at Bruno's Place opposite Silverbird at Ikeja City Mall)
-V05 tea therapy conditioner (purchased at Bruno's Place)
-Herbal Essences ignite my color conditioner (purchased at Maxmart in Accra but can be found at Casa Bella or Goodies)

My staple: V05 conditioners(any kind but I like the Moisture Milks line the most I think). Haven't had a chance to use the Shea Moisture much yet.


-Vitale hair mayonnaise (purchased at Spar but can be found at many local grocery/beauty stores)
-Coconut milk (purchased at Spar and can be found in most big grocery stores. You can also make yours)
-Shea Moisture purification masque (purchased at NITC but can be purchased on The Kinky Apothecary as well as Olori)

My staple: None. I haven't used them long enough but I like the purification masque. Still not sold on the Vitale. Coconut milk is something I've used a number of times and I like but I don't use it very often(I mix it with other stuff e.g conditioner before use). Usually I deep condition with my regular conditioner and don't use a store bought deep conditioner so these are relatively new(except coconut milk as I explained)


-Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream-2 tubs. (One was a gift while the other was purchased on Olori)
-Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter moisturizer (Purchased at Casa Bella but can also be bought on Olori)
-Water in a spray bottle (purchased at… Just kidding)

My staple: Cantu and water


-Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie (won in a giveaway but can be purchased on The Kinky Apothecary as well as Olori)
-Eco Styler olive oil gel (purchased from The Kinky Apothecary at the same time as the Bobeam)

My staple: None. I don't really use styling products. Eco styler works well when I want a laid down sleek look.


-Olive oil (Can be found at your local grocery store)
-Silverbird Eucalyptus oil (Can be found at your local pharmacy)
-Canola oil (Can be found at your local grocery store)
-Castor oil (can be found at your local pharmacy)

My staple: None. I'm using oils less and less. If you had asked me in the past I would say Olive oil but ever since I realized that it does nothing for me when it comes to sealing, I now only use it for occasional oil rinses, prepooing and deep conditioning mixes. Silverbird I use because it is so affordable compared to other essential oils and I like the menthol feel and smell. Castor oil I use mostly when I have a protective style on or if I see my edges vanishing. Canola oil I used out of curiosity and only use for oil rinses and prepooing occasionally.


-Nasheaba Shea body butter (purchased at Shoprite Accra)
-African Naturalistas hair butter in Sweet Rosie (won in a giveaway but I believe the formula has been revised. Can be purchased on African Naturalistas or Jumia)
-Shea butter (purchased at Game Accra but can be found at your local market)

My staple: Nasheaba or any Shea butter mix/whipped Shea butter really.


-Apple Cider Vinegar (purchased at Spar. Can also be found at Shoprite. The organic version can be found at Health Plus)
-Neem powder (purchased on Olori)
-Shikakai powder (purchased on Olori)
-Bhringraj powder (purchased on Olori)

My staple: Apple cider vinegar. I use it as a final rinse most times when I wash my hair(don't know if it makes a difference but I do it) and I use it to clean my scalp when I have a protective style on. Still haven't gotten the hang of Ayurveda though.

C'est fini.

What are your staple products? Is your stash less, similar to or bigger than mine? What products do you recommend I try? Please share!



13 thoughts on “My Hair Stash (Feb 2015)

  1. Nice stash uv got there.
    I was using coconut oil for my prepoo until I couldn’t find to buy anymore. Now I use some Ayurveda infused olive oil(had a big boil after use which went away after some days. Really hoping it’s not from d mix. Will keep trying it though to confirm. Added garlic so my hair smells like frying oil 😀
    Also, use random products Cus I’m a product junkie and always ordering stuff online from US. Trying to stop though Cus dat lifestyle isn’t sustainable due to looking for how to bring it down here.
    But out of all my products, the best so far has been ogx ginger awapuhi restorative mask. Used it to deep condition and that was d only time my hair ever felt like butter. But I bought just one to test so I’m mising it. If I get any person coming bk, daz d only thing I will order (cross my fingers*)


    • Garlic? Woah, not sure I would like my hair to smell garlicky oh.
      If I find the Ogx, I’ll definitely try it!
      And you’re so right, that lifestyle is not sustainable. It’s best to find products that are easily accessible that work for you so you can use those more often then mise the special stuff


  2. I am definetly a product junkie. lol i even get excited when I buy new products. But feel I am gonna stop cause I found “THE ONE” products


  3. We think alike. shampoo conditioner (all 3 types) and sheabutter..probably ecostyler. every other thing like oils, twisting cream, curling pudding and all those sweet sweet product names come and go. Dudu osun and vitale mayonnaise are my staples for life. Simple is my watch word but one of my hair resolutions this year is to experiment more with hair products. I recently added 2 leave ins and 2 rinse out conditioners to the stash. ill try them out and give a detailed review.


    • The best thing about keeping it simple is that it saves one’s pocket from crying and eliminates extra/time consuming steps in one’s regimen.
      Looking forward to your reviews

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  4. Since i saw your review cantu shea butter conditioner i have been planning to get it hopefully by weekend i will visit casa bella. I use the olive deep conditioner and less oil too does nothing for,my aunt sent me palm kernel oil,i will start using that hopefully it will bring shine to my hair.


    • Thank you Grace!
      I hope you like the Cantu as much as I do.
      I’ve never considered using palm kernel oil because of the strong smell but I hear it has some good benefits


  5. hi, I was searching for reviews on acv n I saw ur post. I recently purchased parade apple cider vinegar. its clear like ur Heinz as it obviously doesn’t have ”the mother”. I want to know if it is alright to use on my face as a toner and on my hair.
    Please awaiting ur swift response


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